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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
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Plot summary

When governments use Covid emergency act edicts to restrict the gathering and worship of the Church, three pastors facing the risk of imprisonment, unlimited fines, and their own Churches splitting apart take a courageous stand and re-open in the face of a world that has chosen to comply.

November 23, 2023 at 02:24 AM


Shannon Halliday

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dsretail 10 / 10

Freedom vs. unconstitutional authoritarianism

If you love the church, or even if you just love constitutional freedoms, you'll appreciate this film.

It shows how, in the Covid-era, government cracked down on things it didn't like (like churches), and left the door wide-open for things it approved of (riots, liquor stores), and how their extremely biased and inconsistent rules violated the basic freedoms Americans are guaranteed.

The government also attempted to be the final authority in the church, dictating things like what worship was allowed (no hymnals), and how churches stood up to the biased authorities and met together as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Don't miss it.

Reviewed by markfkidder 10 / 10

Inspirational Godly Conviction Keeps Church Open In the Face of Extreme Government Overreach

Unwavering conviction at its finest. A movie that will serve as a touchstone for the ages as the church faces greater persecution. BRAVO!

John MacArthur and the leaders of Grace Community Chuch in Los Angeles take a stand for God by keeping their church open in the face of threats of seven figure fines and imprisonment. This movie uncovers the motive of state, county, and city officials who were actively pursuing to control the churches for years to come. John MacArthur and the faithful elders come together by sending a message that the government has NO say in the affairs and ordinances of God.

Reviewed by collegenash 10 / 10

Movie of the Year! Every Christian needs to see it.

People in our culture seldom get persecuted for uttering the words "Jesus is Lord" or "I believe in God." Rather, it's when believers really live out their faith in obedience to the Word of God that leads to negative repercussions from the world and ungodly tyrants. The Church has always suffered persecution throughout the ages. But God has always been faithful in building His Church through the ordinary means of grace. God is still building His church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it! The government doesn't want you to see this movie! Go and find a theater and get some tickets for you and your family!

Obey God, defy tyrants.

"..we ought to obey God rather than men"- Acts 5:29.

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