The Movie of My Life



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 1997 2K

Plot summary

The sierras of southern Brazil, 1963. The son of an French man and a Brazilian woman, Tony is a young man with a profound love of cinema and poetry. After graduating from college he returns to his small town in rural Brazil, to find out that his father had left for good, back to France. Tony then looks for the company of his fathers friends in search of information and references of a lost male role-model. He becomes a school teacher and a male figure to kids, in an attempt to provide them with something he lacks himself. A series of developments lead him to a surprising final lead on his fathers' whereabouts and reasons for leaving.

December 01, 2023 at 02:18 AM


Selton Mello

Top cast

Vincent Cassel as Nicolas Terranova
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by newxhost 8 / 10


Although the story sometimes seems slow and you start thinking where it is all going... it surprised me in a great way! Direction great! Photography and soundtrack are beautiful!

Reviewed by tudobeleza 7 / 10

Euro arthouse immitation, but a formidble job

As someone very familiar with modern Brazilian and European cinema, I'd have to agree with Lovecraft Movies' comment that this just as well could have been a European film. While they see it as a positive, I see it as a bit of a critique. It felt like Selton Mello really, really (like, really) wanted this to feel like a Euro arthouse flick. He's punching above his weight at this point in his directorial career. The other reviewer's comment that the second act wasn't as centered as it could have been, I also agree with.

At some level, the aesthetics and locations brought me back to one of my favorite Brazilian films from 2001, To The Left of the Father (coincidentally, with Selton Mello as part of the cast).

That being said, Mello did his best job yet in the director's chair, and I do recommend this film for its stylization and cinematography (just wish the former could have been toned down a tad), with the story coming in at a close third.

Reviewed by OscarCalixtoSiteList 10 / 10


A delicate, sensitive, careful film with excellent performances. THE Direction is flawless and the film's photography, a dream! A touching story, a careful plot and the equilateral balance between dialogues and images management make this film a qualitative landmark in the history of Brazilian cinema.

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