Kill for Me


Drama / Thriller

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IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 3745 3.7K

Plot summary

Rent’s a bitch. And that is why, six months after her best friend went missing, Amanda finally gives in to getting another roommate, Hailey. The two college students turn out to have something in common, however: abusive men. For Hailey, it’s her dad. For Amanda, it’s a stalkery ex-boyfriend. But problems can be solved and, you know, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. In other words, Kill for Me, I kill for you.

December 03, 2023 at 08:30 AM


Michael Greenspan

Top cast

Katie Cassidy as Amanda Rowe
Shannon Chan-Kent as Zoe
Donal Logue as Garret Jones
Tracy Spiridakos as Hayley Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robfollower 8 / 10

I highly recommend checking this out.

Director: Michael Greenspan Writers: Christopher Dodd (screenplay), Michael Greenspan (screenplay) Stars: Leah Gibson, Torrance Coombs, Shannon Chan-Kent, Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Donal Logue I've been sitting on Kill for Me for some time and now that I've seen it, I can't believe I almost let this one slip past me. The story is very well written, building up a lot of tension and tying all aspects of the story together to one climatic ending. The pacing was sluggish at first, but after watching it a second time I could see how it works to establish the relationship between Hailey and Amanda. Just when you think you've got this film all figured out, it goes and flips the script on you with a neat little twist. It's not a W.T.F. moment, but it serves its purpose well. Finally the acting truly compliment the film, with everyone bringing their A game to the table. Tracy Spiridakos... I enjoyed your performance in "The Boy She Met Online", but I was completely blown away by your psycho/abused Hailey; she's calculating and unremorseful, yet affectionate and caring. Kudos also goes out to Donal Logue, who played one crafty S.O.B. whom I enjoyed every moment your character was on-screen . Props goes out to Katie Cassidy, who flat out takes the award after that scene where she has to seduce Garret. So damn gorgeous it hurts! In the end, Kill for Me while I was considering not watching you after the first 15 minutes, I'm really glad I stuck with it and I was rewarded with a thriller that's well written, well acted and full of suspense. 8/10

Reviewed by tankfreak 7 / 10

Not a bad thriller, despite some of the drastically negative reviews

Seems like most of these "reviews" are people reviewing the other reviews rather than the movie itself, so I'll take a minute to throw in my 2¢.

(vague spoilers, but nothing that isn't revealed in the trailer)

I definitely wouldn't say it's the most original plot out there and at a glance it comes off as sort of Strangers On A Train meets Wild Things with a sprinkle of Single White Female. That said, it's actually a solid thriller with a solid cast, and has enough twists to make it worthwhile and keep the audience guessing.

The only place I think the movie fails is rushing into the murder plot before really giving the relationship and bonding between Amanda and Hayley enough time to develop. And I don't necessarily mean more physical intimacy between the two, just more time spent getting to know each other and building trust in general to maybe help with why Amanda would go along with Hayley's initial plan rather than just calling the police. Or perhaps we needed a little more on the police ignoring Amanda previously and her reluctance to trust them. Either way, something was missing in the first act. Otherwise I thought the pacing was fine, the movie does a good job of building tension, and the leads did an excellent job making their character's emotional state (trauma, fear, distrust, etc) believable. Overall it was a good thriller and definitely worth a watch if you enjoy the genre.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

Predictable and Shallow Thriller

The college student Natalie Ross (Leah Gibson) goes missing and her friend and roommate Amanda Rowe (Katie Cassidy) accuses her ex-boyfriend Cameron McClure (Torrance Coombs) to the police. However nothing is proved against Cameron and Amanda's roommate Zoe (Shannon Chan-Kent) decides to rent Natalie's room to share the expenses of their house. They accept the student Hayley Jones (Tracy Spiridakos) and she gets close to Amanda. When the upset Cameron threatens Amanda, Hayley defends her and they have a close relationship. Soon Cameron breaks in their house and hits Amanda; however Hayley arrives at home and hits Cameron on the head with an axe. Hayley convinces Amanda to hide the corpse, burying in the farm of her abusive father Garret Jones (Donal Logue). Then she tries to convince Amanda to kill Garret, but Amanda refuses. Hayley kidnaps Amanda's friend Mark (Adam DiMarco) to force Amanda to kill her father. What will Amanda do?

"Kill for Me" is a predictable and shallow straight for video thriller. The characters are poorly developed and Cameron, for example, is murdered and forgotten by the plot. The bisexual Amanda is also a confused character and it is not clear why she had accused Cameron for the disappearance of Natalie. The conclusion is corny and is not clear why Garret has kept Natalie alive in the hole. As most of these average thrillers, the conclusion offers an easy moralist solution to all the problems, with the villains dead and the redemption of the lead character. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Sentença de Morte" ("Death Sentence")

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