The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream


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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64% · 2.5K ratings
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A world class ice skater eager to take the top prize in the biggest competition around finds his dreams going up in flames after his partner suffers a debilitating injury in this romantic sports drama starring Matt Lanter, Francia Rosa, and Christy Carlson Romano. Zack (Lanter) was headed for the gold when his partner suffered an injury that made competing impossible, but could a feisty female hockey player prove the key to keeping his illustrious career on track? Alexandra is an amateur Latina hockey player who has never skated professionally and doesn't much care for Zack, though a little determination goes a long way in helping Zack convince her to join him on the ice. Now, as this unlikely pair begins the arduous training process that could make them both bona-fide superstars, the girl with the icy attitude finds her handsome partner's warmth and charm bringing about a most unexpected thaw.

December 09, 2023 at 01:40 AM


Stuart Gillard

Top cast

Sarah Gadon as Celeste Mercier
Matt Lanter as Zack Conroy
Christy Carlson Romano as Jackie Dorsey
Francia Raisa as Alejandra 'Alex' Delgado
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Reviewed by Matador07 6 / 10


OK, not sure why I felt compelled to comment on this movie, but having now sat through both the original (pretty good), the 2nd one (awful), and this one (much better), I have a good basis of comparison.

This was not high art, but it was a FAR better movie than the 2nd one. the key here being a pair of relatively unknown actors in the leads who did a nice job and had real chemistry (especially the female lead who was full of bounce and sass without being obnoxious). The leads in the second one were so horribly awkward it was like pulling teeth, but here you have likable and sympathetic characters. And the script lets them be likable too -- another thing that the 2nd movie got horribly wrong.

Unfortunately parts of the script are also the biggest weaknesses with this movie. There a handful of awkward scenes, and down the back half of the movie it was as if they hired some hack to try to artificially find some way to plagiarize as much of the original movie as possible and force it into this one, even when the pacing and fit was off.

But any romance is basically about the romantic leads. If they succeed and work well together, then the romance works. If they don't, it doesn't. Well, in this one they did. And so, not a classic, but eminently watchable for this sort of thing.

Reviewed by blakvelvt269 10 / 10

The Cutting Edge Trilogy

I loved this movie, however, I am forced to recognize other people's comments as valid. And just a historical fact the Winter Olympics are only held every for years. The end of the movie they win the Gold. This was supposed to be them at the Olympics right? And someone mentioned the line delivered by Christy Carlson Ramono about it being 5 years since seeing each other at the last Olympics and they still had like 5 weeks before qualifying point is time-lines for all three movies are off. From The Cutting Edge to Going For The Gold, she was an adult in the movie yet like another person mentioned it would have been impossible for her to be but 13-14 years old mathematically. And the transition to the 3rd movie is mentioned as 5 years, but the banner says 2006, which means it had to be 2 years. IF you can overlook the time-line, I think all 3 movies have their upsides and their drops. It's a toss-up for me whether the original or the third is better. I think the third is more appealing to the younger crowd, but the first one will definitely be the classic.

Reviewed by naiviprez 8 / 10

Way better than the second part

I saw it last night and loved it. I loved the first one too. It was one of my favorite romantic movies. When the second one was announced, I was so excited. But the movie disappointed me because although the protagonist are great, the movie was slow. In some scenes, they weren't acting natural. I aren't accusing the protagonists maybe the guilty one was the director... who knows? It was such a pity. On the other hand, this movie is way better than the second one. It is fantastic. The chemistry was there and the movie was smooth and sweet. He is so handsome and she is gorgeous. They made such a cute couple. The only "but" was the ending. It was almost an exact replica of the first one. How sad, the plot was different and refreshing. Regardless of that, it is a nice romantic movie.

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