The Real Anthony Fauci


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October 30, 2022 at 09:32 AM


Kala Mandrake

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Reviewed by frank4122 10 / 10

Death from profiteers

Anthony Fauci is following his same destructive pattern since AIDS. His medical tyranny of using only his preferred most expensive toxic drug, slander any doctor who questions him then insures death by banning all proven medications that could've saved lives. Fauci has made the medical agencies profit making propaganda, extortion venues. Fauci and Bill Gates have no concern for human life and prey on people of color for their Tuskegee type experiments. Thank you RFK Jr. And everyone involved in this outstanding documentary. Fauci with his white coat supremacy is on a parallel with the life of Josef Mengele. If enough people see this Nuremburg Trials will commence forthwith.

Reviewed by hines-2000 10 / 10

Fauci's destruction of the medical community

The social psychologists after WWll have proven that the concept of destructive compliance is alive and well even after the death of Hitler. The elevation of a total miscreant like Anthony Fauci to godlike status is their evidence. Dr. Robert Malone aptly termed this Mass Formation Psychosis. We blindly follow the man who created this deadly disease, Fauci and insanely worship at the alter of this corrupt, incompetent, gold digging fraudster. The duplicitous big pharma sponsored media constantly propagandize that the only one that can save us is the most dangerously corrupt person in history. World renown, outstanding medical professionals Malone, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Harvey Risch, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr Naomi Wolfe, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Michael Yeadon and Dr. Kary Mullis must be censored and viciously destroyed by the politburo agencies and mainstream media. Comcast and CNN news anchors lie and tell us effective treatments like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are dangerous, knowing full well that they are safe and effective, leading to the deaths of millions.

Now Pfizer admits that they never tested that the vaccine would prevent transmission. Babies are dying because the vaccine is in mother's milk and our blood supply is tainted and may be toxic with transfusions. We know if there is any efficacy at all with the vaccines it is very limited. If that's not enough, the senseless Fauci lockdowns destroyed the economy and lives. This all contributed to a dangerously weakened immune system. Oh yeah and Fauci talked that down too whilst he was loading up on vitamin D.

Fauci is Dr. Mengele on a world stage. He gave millions to a Chinese communist lab that the French determined was not safe for the gain-of-function experiments they were doing. Fauci experimented on black disabled children causing horrific injuries and deaths. Fauci collaborated with Bill Gates on deadly experiments in Africa. His gruesome experiments on beagle puppies just confirmed his obsession with attacking the defenseless. However, Fauci wasn't through with his trail of destruction. He had to destroy the Hippocratic Oath and turn the medical community into an illicit corporatist nightmare envisioned by malefactor John D Rockefeller.

Reviewed by ecjenks 10 / 10

Nothing Is Taller Than The Truth

Anyone who became familiar with Science through Scientific Method, knew immediately who the real Anthony Fauci was when he stated that "He Was Science" when people fielded questions about the discrepancies in statements he made against conflictive evidences observed.

After over.37 years as the head of a service, formed and run by our taxpayer dollars (how does this happen without owning a private business?) to serve the citizens who pay for it, one wonders just what good is the NIH to our way of Constitutional Freedom and culture.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (who hasn't practiced as a real Medical Doctor since he became the 5th Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) behaves that his authority is owed to him and postures himself as the tallest authority in the room. After watching this documentary, one begins to understand that there is nothing taller than the ... truth.

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