Christmas with the Chosen: Holy Night



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Plot summary

A young mother labeled impure. A shepherd boy considered “unclean". Experience Jesus’ birth through their eyes as CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN: HOLY NIGHT blends The Messengers and The Shepherd into one special remastered and re-scored story.

December 20, 2023 at 02:15 PM


Dallas Jenkins

Top cast

Liz Tabish as Mary Magdalene
Sara Anne as Young Mary
Vanessa Benavente as Mother Mary
Andrea Bocelli as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by terryflynn-34285 3 / 10


I loved the Chosen Christmas Special last year but this year there was little new. The intro by director Dallas Jenkins, the Bocelli performance, Season 4 trailer, monologue by Amanda Jenkins, and flash forward with Mary M and Mary (Jesus mother) was new, but almost everything else was a repeat from last years special including the musician performances (other than Bocelli). . Why was the monologue done by Amanda (directors wife)? Why not a recognizable and much loved cast member? I wasn't particularly wowed by viewing on the big theatre screen either. It would play just as nicely on home theatre TV's. Sorry but this performance just didn't do it for me.

Reviewed by mbleacherjtw 10 / 10

It is a variety show ..

I've been reading other reviews from people who obviously didn't listen to the creators talking about the event. It's two short films with a collection of Christmas music event. It's not a "film". It's a Christmas presentation based on the wildly successful series, The Chosen.

Of course there are previews of Season 4 and of course they're going to try and raise some money to stick it to Hollywood. People got to get paid to feed their families. The first 3 seasons were free!

I can't believe people saying they walked out in the middle of scenes and songs that brought me to tears. Maybe they should watch some Hollywood garbage instead of something so pure and full of Love.

Want Hollywood? Pay them. Want good Christ in Christmas entertainment? See this event and bring an unchurched friend. Or two!

Reviewed by actsverse 9 / 10

The music, the messages and the drama are all excellent and seemed Spirit-filled to me.

Never posted a review here before and this is more a response to another negative review. If you are expecting a two-hour movie this is not it. But if you want to view a meaningful, well-produced Christmas event, this works very well.

To those who have seen the previous Chosen Christmas specials, maybe this will disappoint because there is (mostly) material that has been shown before in one form or another, but apart from that, the music, the messages and the drama are all excellent and seemed Spirit-filled to me.

Since the choice of Amanda Jenkins as one of the speakers was criticized by another reviewer let me counter that by saying I thought she hit a home run. Her content and delivery was perfect.

In a sea of near endless garbage and darkness that flashes across movie screens, it is great to see something filled with so much goodness.

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