Lord of Misrule



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When the daughter of the town's new priest goes missing during the harvest festival, a desperate search begins, uncovering the town's dark history and resurfacing tales of a mysterious, malevolent spirit that demands sacrifice.

January 22, 2024 at 01:09 PM


William Brent Bell

Top cast

Ralph Ineson as Jocelyn Abney
Tuppence Middleton as Rebecca Holland
Rosalind March as Miri Tremlow
Matt Stokoe as Henry Holland
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Reviewed by What-a-Punk 5 / 10

Quite boring

If you ever seen a horror movie, the chances are you know from the start where all this is going. And there will be no surprises.

So the main problem of this movie is the plot, its based on classic folklore stories and follows the path that so many movies (or even child stories) have shown before. Which might be good... but it does not exceed any expectation.

So some might call it a classic, some might call it a cliche. Either way, its not unique, its not new, even the creature - I saw it in dozen other movies, and I can name multiple where its simply executed better ("The Ritual", for example).

In other terms, it is mediocre. Characters are not very likable or believable. The motivation of the antagonist (for example) and his image - I believe they are severly lacking any originality or style, they are so superficial it hurts.

Ending is simply weak - culmination is unsatisfying. It is simple (which is good sometimes), but it ain't smart or fulfilling, or entertaining in this case.

So I'd say the score I've given in generous. It's a mediocre movie. Some might say its okay, some might say its bad, but there is no basis to call it great - that is for sure.

I see multiple ways this could've been a better movie (just add a single thing that isn't a trope), but it is obvious that nobody bothered here to create something new or unique, this is just same old same old once again.

Reviewed by ranwulfs 2 / 10

Refund, please.

The UK is already rich with folk tales and old beliefs, but this isn't one of them. The actual Lord of Misrule is an "office" during the Tudor and Stuart periods in which the selected person oversaw the feasting and merriment during the twelve days of Christmas. It fell out of favor during and after the Interregnum. He was usually selected from among the servants or other low ranking people and only "ruled" during those 12 days. This film turns him into some sort of Halloween bogie man, a mystical figure who goes about cavorting with evil spirits and welding power and influence year 'round. Tosh. The writer bastardized an old English Christmas tradition and tried to pass it off as a horror movie - and steals from every "small English village steeped in supposedly ancient pagan rituals and assorted mumbo jumbo" movie/television episode ever made (and there have been a slew of 'em) in the process. Add to that the writing is somewhere between "saw that coming a mile away," and "well, that made zero sense." Pick one. If you've seen The Wicker Man, you've already seen this drivel. I rented it on Amazon Prime and am considering requesting a refund. Skip it and thank me later.

Reviewed by raudonisernestas 2 / 10

Simply awful

The characters were unlikable, the acting bad, and the story and actions made no sense, whatsoever. Was watching this in the theater, and the audience were laughing at the absurdity of the story and characters.

For example, without spoiling anything - one character could have prevented (or at least tried to) another character's death, but they simply stood (literally next to the person) and did nothing but scream. Do yourself a favor and skip this movie.

The only positive aspects of the movie were maybe the idea (never heard about the lord of misrule, personally) and the actor for the main antagonist.

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