Ae Watan Mere Watan

2024 [HINDI]

Biography / Drama / History

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In the midst of India's struggle for freedom in 1942, a brave young girl starts an underground radio station to spread the message of unity, setting off a thrilling chase with the British authorities during the Quit India movement.

April 02, 2024 at 05:51 PM


Kannan Iyer

Top cast

Johnny Anglais as Corrigan
Sara Ali Khan as Usha Mehta
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2 hr 13 min
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Reviewed by opotraining 1 / 10

Just skip

Some of the movies can be avoided just by looking at the main leads. If someone like Sara Ali khan, ananya etc are in a movie as main lead, it's strict avoid. The makeup and style of Sara in this movie doesn't suit the time period. It looks more fake. And her acting is just bad. Even a child actor has more expressions than Sara.

Coming to the story it's again the usual story set during British rule. The story is slow and boring. The makers should do more research before doing such movies. Most of it looks like fiction. Need to fill some more of characters and just adding some random text here.

Reviewed by A-Thunder 3 / 10

Uncomfortable Glimpse into Radicalization

The story itself is bold, intriguing, and offers an important glimpse into history. It's a story that should be told and brought to light.

Unfortunately, the writing and way the story was told fell flat for me. Despite the close-ups, deep glimpses into the character's eyes, and creation of atmosphere, there was only one scene that stands out to me. One were Usha hides under a burka when the police search for her and Kaushik shows her his shaking hands when she reappears. The rest of the movie felt like the same message and image on repeat: stand up for revolution and freedom. After a while, the same scene and message on repeat is just flogging a dead horse.

What I found frustrating was the message, despite coming from the right place, did not shed any new ideas or perspectives on the plight against colonialism. Instead, it amplified stereotypes. It was the stereotyping in the film and the characters that unsettled me the most. John Lyre, the British man hunting down the revolutionaries, is portrayed as ruthless, cold-hearted, and intense to the point that he feels more like a cartoon than a human man bred to view himself as superior (pure) and take pride in his country (points that could have been paralleled and contrasted with Usha's purity and pride in country, but were entirely missed). Usha, on the other hand, is portrayed as self-righteous, ego-centric (her ideas being the purest above all others'), naive about the impact she had on relationships with family and friends, and ruthless in her intensity to revolutionize India.

The most unsetting point was the way the movie glossed over radicalization. The ability to influence and spread one's beliefs (such as through a radio) comes with intense responsibility. Usha never questions once the possible myriad of outcomes that could happen... including igniting a rebellion that may fail/may lead to needless loss of lives and bloodshed. Especially since the film stated (but did not show) that she was a Gandhian.

Overall, I look forward to learning more about Usha and appreciate the movie from bringing her plight to light.

Reviewed by PANDIAN120621 7 / 10

Unsung hero's are the greatest of all the heroes...!!!

Based on a true story of Usha Mehta a young woman who starts a underground radio during 1942 of India's freedom struggle called "CONGRESS RADIO" broadcasting the speeches of imprisoned freedom fighters & there by reigniting the "QUIT INDIA MOMENT" spreading resistance & unity across the country which later was snapped by Britishers....

Any periodic story of our unsung hero's are a miracle when told on silverscreen with ongoing commercialisation or spy universe of movie which is only meant to shower money,So we need to cherish them & acknowledge them as we owe them coz of freedom which we enjoying today... Thanks to Kannan Iyer for his passion to narrate the plot as it's "NO MAN'S LAND" in current Bollywood trend... Whether the flick survives or its disaster but it's our duty not to discourage his noble thoughts...

Sara Ali Khan has definitely improvised a lot and her emotional counterpart does have a soul in it...thanks to Kannan Iyer for believing her ability... Emraan hashmi role could have a second thought of essaying a different person as he doesn't fit into the role and while he spins the charakha itakes embarassing...

Technically it's well sound making the major compliment but what fails is that at the end of the movie we don't have a emotional impact making just a timepass...

Overall The film is a pure, clean and good-intentioned period drama...give it a try you won't be disappointed...

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