Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal


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Bray Wyatt is one of the most revered and mysterious characters in WWE history. The story behind that character and the man himself, Windham Rotunda, has never been documented until now. Using never-before seen interviews and exclusive backstage footage, Windham Rotunda’s inspiring story unfolds. This documentary chronicles Windham’s incredible rise to worldwide fame as a WWE Superstar, and the struggles and success that came with being a creative visionary

April 01, 2024 at 03:32 PM


Steve Conoscenti

Top cast

John Cena as John Cena
Colby Lopez as Seth 'Freakin' Rollins
Windham Rotunda as Bray Wyatt / Self
Rebecca Quin as Becky Lynch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by papamuntz 10 / 10

Grab Your Tissue's

A beautiful tribute to one of the most brilliant minds to ever lace up a pair boots and enter the squared circle. Hearing his family speak about him and what kind of man he was outside of the ring, is the most captivating part of of this documentary. With plenty of never before seen footage and accounts from current and past WWE personal. This documentary really seems to capture who he was and what he means to everyone around him still. Its a great peek behind the scenes of his mind and creativity. The Undertaker does a great job at narrating this documentary. I couldn't see anybody doing it other than his brother Taylor (Bo Dallas). If you are a fan of Bray Wyatt or his work, this is a MUST watch.

Reviewed by notoriousvic-44206 10 / 10

Just wow....

I have often wondered what if Bray Wyatt had been in a WWE that had no Vincent McMahon Jr. Watching this special makes me hate we lost him so soon. What could have happened if he hadn't gotten sick & what could he have done.

This is a great special, gives you a look at some of those who are avid wrestlers haven't seen. The infancy of Bray Wyatt & the family. He was never the greatest in ring worker, he was never a "Dave Meltzer favorite", but he connected like no one else has ever done.

I wanted Wyatt to stay as the cult leader, but evolution of the character is wrestling, and I hate Vince/Dunn/Johnny Ace/Prichard watered that character down & ruined it.

Anyway, the what if are amazing, but don't touch what was..

Reviewed by alfiebclark 9 / 10

A wonderful documentary about a wonderful mind.

Only until recently have I really been 'back into' professional wrestling, but I always came back and watched around April, and other dates if it interested me.

Bray Wyatt, or Windham Rotunda always interested me, and learning of his passing a few months ago gut-wrenching.

An amazing mind, gone far too soon.

This documentary covers his whole life, and whole professional wrestling career.

The worst thing I wanted was to come into the documentary, and see WWE make it about themselves, rather than the life of Windham.

Fortunately this was not the case, most of the interviews you see are with the family of Rotunda, with some wrestlers included.

The documentary, and the WWE acknowledge their mistakes with their creative, going into detail about Windham's first character given to him, Husky Harris.

It's an incredible documentary, and doesn't seem to miss any corner covering the life of Windham, and there was likely not better choice to do the narration than Mark Callaway, better known as his character, The Undertaker, who is usually referenced in conversations about the character of Bray Wyatt.

The last thirty minutes of this documentary are absolutely heartbreaking, yet turn to hope, as his creativity and influence on those around him will never go away.

My only complaint is a rather jarring cut to a teaser at the end, somewhat cutting off the final image, with Windham's name, 1987-2023.

Nonetheless, if you're a fan of Bray Wyatt, or just the WWE, I wholeheartedly recommend this documentary.

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