Single Street

2019 [DUTCH]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1011

Plot summary

November 11, 2022 at 02:29 PM


Frank Krom

Top cast

Loes Haverkort as Marleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mn_aqua 7 / 10

Funny and tragic warm hearted movie

Funny movie with subtle jokes. Typically Dutch, in which the communication between characters is very direct, sometimes rude, and with a lot of references to sex. But if you don't mind this movie is entertaining. The story is both funny and tragic: An insecure woman falls in love with a gay man but does not dare to tell him. What I appreciated is that the gay man in the movie is not a stereotype. In fact he is quite masculine. That is refreshing. The emotional parts are not too pathetic. Although the end is unrealistic it leaves you with a smile. Recommended.

Reviewed by ik_ben_de_man 7 / 10

Not that bad, easy to watch and funny

This movie is an easy to watch romcom with some Dutch influences. Set in Amsterdam, we get to meet Mo, who hasn't found real love as she pursues a medical career. We get to know her family and her new neighbor, Max. She likes his boyish, laid back lifestyle and the two get along very well. There is clearly some chemistry between Mo and Max. I liked the movie for the clumpsy humor and the pacing, it stayed a bit away from cliches. I wonder if it is as funny for those not Dutch. Some dialogue and scenes felt rushed or could need some improvement, overall it is a suitable movie to watch with your girl.

Reviewed by barbaravannorde 4 / 10

Save yourself the two hours of your life

The acting in this movie is well done, and the story is original. Despite this, the movie is boring. It lacks any connection to the main character. It's not a lovable person, just a regular boring career making woman who's life is just nog interesting to watch. I wish I had not watched this and saved myself the time.

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