Black Adam


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 7.0 10 112590

Plot summary

November 16, 2022 at 12:37 AM


Jaume Collet-Serra

Top cast

Henry Cavill as Superman
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam / Teth Adam
Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt
Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AvionPrince16 8 / 10

Are they really any bad or good Superhero ?

What a movie! The special effects are really immersive and really give an immersion to the city Kahndag. We learn more about his story and the way that the whole habitants become slave. Black Adam have a story that become more and more interesting and give some surprises, revelations and a new orientation for the future of Black Adam ( with superman at the end). All the super heroes were awesome to watch by their suit, their powers, their goals and the confrontation between the justice society of America and Black Adam give some interesting theme to talk about: is Black Adam really a vilain? What is a hero? What is his duty? A hero can call himself a hero if he can free their people from slavery even he did bad actions? Where is really the line between vilain and superhero? I mean there were interesting things to talk about and the plot get more and more interesting even if its begin in a classic way: the curse of the wizards to make Black Adam a prisonner and his story have a lot of subtilities when other point of view will discuss about the Black Adam Story and his real intentions (his anger cant be under control and can become a treat but the real vilain who is Ishmael because its a descendant of the ancient king of Khandag and it will tell an other point of view about Black Adam because he saw him cried about a boy who get killed and its in fact was his boy who give him the power. So i mean there was some interesting revelations and surprises and bring more nuances to that Black Adam's character. And all the fights in the movie were pretty great and pretty epic. The justice society and their heroes were great ( special mention to Atom, DR Fate, Hawkman) and with them they will discuss more about what is an hero and how to act like one and not just said an hero its this and that make you an hero: it have more subtility and i really appreciated even if i didnt go watch Black Adam mainly for his story but i appreciate it anyway. It have also some drama moments with DR Fate and Hawkman but Dr Fate will save the world at the cost of his life and give an interesting view that DR Fate's character and give another interest to watch the movie because it really have some surprises and revelations during the whole movie and have no break for us to take during 2 hours and thats a good thing. Im glad that the movie have some subtilities and make him more interesting and thats not a battle about to see who is stronger but just to test the value and their intentions and their motivations and really make them stand out each of them and give interesting duels in spirit and physical (Hawkman and Black Adam).

And at the end, maybe a collaboration with Black Adam and Superman? Or a duel? Very good DC Movie and bring a new world in an existed one (Shazam) but give an identity and a story to an hero/vilain character that will make him interesting to watch in next movies.

Reviewed by HabibieHakim123 8 / 10

Black Adam Is Not Perfect But It's Still Great, It's Still Fun, It's Still Fascinating, It's Still Exciting, And I Enjoy The Hell Out Of It

Black Adam is not without its flaws, but i still enjoy the hell out of it, the problem that i have with Black Adam is that i never really buy all the Kahndaq people 100%, in the end i only still buy half of it, but i still fine with it, it's not like their characters are terrible, it just most of the time they are doing just a poor performance except the actress who played the mom and probably Ishmael for the most part, at least i still got some of the laughs from one of them, some of the slower scene was sometimes misplaced including some of the flashback, and some nit picky here and there, the rest of Black Adam is an exciting comic book film that fills with a very impressive battle that also fills with dazzling visual and cool style, Black Adam himself played incredibly well by Dwayne Johnson, he was just unstoppable in the most badass way, Justice Society has just become one of my favorite superhero team specifically in movies, they are fun and they are great, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher all of them are a hit for me, i love every single one of them, though i do wish they have something more with Doctor Fate because i think Pierce Brosnan was just unbelievably good playing the characters, again at least we do still have that one moment, i would love to see Justice Society again in movie maybe even their own movie, i would also love to have a specifically Doctor Fate standalone or a prequel film, and last but not least, the main villain, i think the main villain is doing as fine as most of the hero in the movie, so overall Black Adam is a quite a fun ride, 2 hours did feel quite goes by, an exciting back and forth battle that fills with dazzling visual effect and style, great score, great sound, great performances for most of the cast, being the first original DCEU movie that release in theaters only since WW84, Black Adam is not perfect but it's still great, it's still fun, it's still fascinating, it's still exciting, and i enjoy the hell out of it.

Reviewed by Couchkik20 7 / 10

If Michael Bay & Zack Snyder had a baby

Black Adam is the perfect example of how inaccurate critics can be. By judging this movie by classic movies standards they end up pointing the obvious : wow it's just cgi fights after cgi fights.

What they don't get is that Black Adam is a very enjoyable piece of entertainment replicating perfectly the gleeful experience of reading a comic book.

This is the first superhero movie to emulate the extreme craziness of Michael Bay golden era. It's all there: the helicopter crash, the endless slow mo, the Dutch angles, the two minutes of dialogues sandwiched between fifteen minutes of explosions and of course the louder-the bass-the-better soundtrack.

And guess what? It works. Mostly.

Yes the Justice Society is a bunch of cosplayers with zero back story or character development but with dodgy priorities and powers that we've seen already in many superheroes before. But the effects are bold and spectacular, the colors wild, the camera moves astonishing. Add to it Zack Snyder's sepia tones, men in sandal obsession and anime like fights scenes (they reminded me of the best of Man Of Steel) and you have a very convincing "comic book to screen" adaptation.

Of course with this many new characters without a very precise goal most of the time, you end up with logistic issues where they just disappear offscreen during a fight for a little while and show up neatly when they have to. But that's because they all know they have to leave the room for the Rock whose statuesque figure was born for destroying fictional cities and throwing villain soldiers in the sky. Yeah that's the one thing Michael Bay wouldn't approve, you don't disrespect the military like that!

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