Look at Me: XXXTentacion


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May 26, 2022 at 08:05 AM


Sabaah Folayan

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Joey Bada$$ as Joey Bada$$
Kanye West as Kanye West
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by basicallyabush 10 / 10

Great Documentary about a Legend

This was was an emotional roller coaster I've been following X's career since 2015 when I was 15 and I know it's clique to say but his music really help me with my feelings of Anxiety depression and anger, Both sides of his music distorted and anger filled and the slow more emotional filled songs really spoke to me at the time and and still today, And even though I was only listening to him for 3 years before his death his music had a big impact on my life and taught me how to express myself and emotions and I'll always love his music for that, Anyway this documentary was really great hearing about his upbringing and Re watching his come up rising from the underground to become one of the biggest rapper in the industry was really great I liked that it didn't shy away from the dark parts of his life with Geneva and showed how he bettered himself before his death, I do think there should of been more time spent with Ski and John and Denzel should of been in there and they left out other parts of his life such as the Jocelyn incident showing how X was definitely tortured soul moulded by his environment and he was a deeply flawed individual who seemed like more of myth and legend after his death who did a lot of bad but also accomplished a lot of good by helping millions of lost people and saving countless lives, By the end of the documentary I was in tears X was the first Famous person who died that truly effected me I remember waking up and seeing the news and going into a depression and it Messed for a while he was the only artist who spoke to me, It's hard to come to terms with this being one of the last forms of media we'll get of X but all I can say is we should all be happy we were able to experience his career and legacy with his short life while he was here if you're a fan of X this documentary was a must watch Long Live Jahseh <3.

Reviewed by levfawzi 9 / 10

A balanced look at a controversial artist

It found a way to highlight the moments in his career without idolising him as a person. It was able to show him as 'the bad guy' but also showed his redeeming qualities.

Reviewed by chriscarlisle25 9 / 10

Duality Divide: Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares

This was a well put together documentary about the troubled artist XXXTENTACION. It covers his ups and downs and will give a lot of people much needed closure. I was a huge X fan who would defend him for a while and I know there are still those who do. This documentary will provide a level of understanding so as not to make judgement calls, but to just know that he was a human being with a multitude of issues and problems. We all need help, and thus made me wish he had lived to get that much needed help and be there for his son. He was still a kid and taken way too soon. He should have been able to grow and atone for his mistakes like everybody (to a certain degree). I appreciate the fact that this doc doesn't attempt to sugar coat and lays out all of the cold hard facts. I also appreciate the emphasis on mental health. We all need it, and it is especially neglected in the Black community. I will try my best to help people in need for the rest of my life if I can because I know there have been times where I have needed it and haven't received it. Such is the case with Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. He was a troubled youth with the weight of the world on his frail shoulders and nowhere to turn. Let's make sure nobody has to go through that of at all possible!

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Good riddance

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