Carmina y amén.

2014 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 1756

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January 07, 2023 at 07:49 AM


Paco León

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Yolanda Ramos as Yoli
Paco León as Hombre entierro
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Short budget and claustrophobic film with black humor and silly incidents

Low budget movie about Carmina , a fatty , bad-mouthed but obstinate woman , well played by Carmina Barrios , being directed by her son , Paco León . The picture makes us both , thinking and laughing in equal parts ; as it causes smiles and tears ; however being full of rude language , bad taste jokes and profanities. It deals with a sixty-year-old woman called Carmina (Carmina Barrios) . Chubby Carmina lives happily with her hubby (Paco Casaus) ; after the sudden death of her husband, and in order to solve her financial problems , she tries to make a twisted plan . As Carmina convinces her daughter María (Maria León) not to report the death until after two days and thus to be able to collect the double payment that he had pending. During those two days , Carmina leaves the body of her deceased husband in his room , talks to her parrot called Bárcenas and hides their mourning in the daily life of a block of flats in a humble neighborhood of Seville . Carmina contemplates her problematic life , and becomes involved in difficulties , but then things go wrong.

¨Carmina y Amén' (2014) is the continuation of actor Paco León's successful and innovative first feature, 'Carmina o Revienta' (2012) , which surprised locals and foreign people alike . The latter dealt with Carmina and her daughter Maria León , a single mother without employment , who after several robberies at her Bar she was bankrupt while pursued by ¨El Cobrador del Frac¨. In fact , there's a scene in the movie , one of the monologues where Carmina looks directly into the camera , that tells exactly the story of this sequel , Carmina and Amén (2014). This second and unnecessary sequel Carmina y amén follows the bizarre paths of the first , delving into black humor and, perhaps, with a little bit of the Almodovarian touches from his first period , but also with less capacity for surprise us , despite containing a more solid and firm narrative than its predecessor that moves away from the documentary tone of the previous one . This is a Carmina Barrios recital , including overlong conversations , and being a monologue in which Carmina overacting along with a few actors like her daughter Maria León and some neighbours played by sympathetic actors . However , despite a promising starting point where Carmina decides to hide the body of her late husband in order to collect his pay, and some really cool gags , this Carmina suffers from the same shortcomings, and faults , as the excessive dialogue in which she gives long speeches , talking and talking , resulting to be a Carmina Barrios' real vehicle . It displays a developing with an inconstant rhythm and a script based on a peculiar anecdote that's overlong , with too many ramblings towards the coarse , bad taste , sexual jokes , and providing a sour black humor from the start to finish . León's staging is not as surprising as the first one , but it does achieve peak moments of ¨Cañí humor¨ that will mark through the anthology of recent Spanish cinema . 'Carmina y Amén', with the captivating presence of Carmina Barrios as the absolute protagonist , forms, together with the first part : 'Carmina y revienta' , an irregular but testimonial diptych about today's Spain , full of profiteers , thugs , and rogue people . Although ¨Carmina¨ is already a Spanish mini-myth , this character results to be Torrente-lookalike , as she is a rude , despicable , foul-mouthed elderly woman . Spain's low-budget pic come with high ambitions and this one was first Spanish movie to be simultaneously screened at the Cinemas , Internet pay-per-view and DVD , looking for alternative ways of distribution . This is a short-budgeted and appropriate runtime -about 100 minutes- movie that proliferated with the Spanish crisis , as since 2012 the number of low-budget movies in Spain has surged , becoming a way for a new generation of filmmakers to overcome the paucity of financing , as some of Spain's most exciting movies have cost under 1 million and snatched fest prizes and business abroad . As the crisis has encouraged the emergence of new talents impulsively shooting their movies, often without waiting for institutional or TV support . As a lot of film producers/directors -as PacoLeón- are dropping budgets to continue producing and directing .

¨Carmina y amén" stars Carmina Barrios , a secondary comedy actress , she is mother of Paco León and María León . And being known for Carmina y Amén (2014) , Carmina o Revienta (2012) , Quién mató a Bambi? (2013) and Arriba Y Abajo TV series (2016) . And her daughter Maria León , considered to be one of the best and prolific comedian actress , including her works in television , such as : Arriba Y Abajo , Con El Culo Al Aire , Aida , and cinema : Marsella , Rey Gitano , Miércoles no Existen , Voz Dormida , and the box office hit : Cuerpo De Elite . The picture was innovately directed by Paco León who has made three films : Kiki El Amor se Hace (2016) , Cármina y revienta (2012) and Cármina Amén (2014) . Furthermore , the prestigious TV series Arde Madrid in 8 episodes. He is more known as a actor than as a filmmaker , he played in Tres Bodas de Más , No lo Llames Amor... Llámalo X , Dieta Mediterránea , Sexykiller , and Morirás Por Ella , among others.

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