The Nightingale of Bursa

2023 [TURKISH]

Comedy / Drama / Musical

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January 19, 2023 at 06:52 PM


Hakan Algül

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Reviewed by yusufpiskin 7 / 10

Ata Demirel

The Nightingale of Bursa is a Turkish comedy film directed by Hakan Algül, written by Ata Demirer, and starring Ata Demirer, Cem Gelinoglu and Özge Özacar, released on Disney on January 13, 2023.

The movie that I watched with prejudice because of the fact that the names who have been pioneers in terms of comedy in Turkey have been standing still or taking a step back in the last 5 years, is also an indicator of how meticulous Ata Demirel is in his work.

The fact that Gökhan Atmis was chosen as the cinematographer ensured that the movie was 5 steps ahead of "New Year's Eve", which was also screened on Disney in the same period.

Gökhan Atmis's technical choices are excellent.

Another plus of the movie is that the movie takes place in the 80s and the art team has done a thorough job in this regard.

In addition to the selection of songs that contain many references to Ata's favorite casino and tavern culture, it is also a very good move to work with a name like Taskin Sabah.

In short, Ata Demirel's The Nightingale of Bursa was by far the best among the comedy works made in the last 10 years.

Reviewed by guvenozan 8 / 10

Ata managed it again

It is surprising how Ata managed to get a generation back to their childhoods.

Those times were the ones everyone value the real musicians and stage shows.

Ata Demirer generally prefers to set he scene in small towns to maintain the sincerity of people and the simplicity of the life. Once again, we are on the shore of Agean see which I will never fed up.

I personally, like the cast of the movie. Ozge Ozacar an Cem Gelinoglu fit in their roles however, I need to mention Toygan Avanoglu separately. He is very successful and added a lot of flavor to the film with Dr. Fatih role.

Watch it. It is entertaining with a lot of dramatic scenes as well.

Forgot to mention. Musics were awesome.

Well done Ata.

Reviewed by erhanipekciler 8 / 10

I deleted my first review. It is nice movie.

First of all I am a huge fan of Ata Demirer. I watched his movies and stand up show many times. He is a perfect talent. In my first review I said I didn't like the movie because it is not a comedy and I didn't laugh at all but I misjudged the movie, this is a musical drama and when I think like that, I can say Ata Demirer executes perfect job. It is so naive with lots of details and also very well observed of period... Also it has a deep story about being looser or I don't know unlucky maybe.. I really loved it. Also I loved the woman singer voice so much,very arabesque.. I hope we can see second movie with happy final. Good characterizations, nice scenes and lovely 80s atmosphere... Really Good job. Watchable and recommended.

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