Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis


Mystery / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 8.4 10 58

Plot summary

February 02, 2023 at 11:44 AM


Clark Richey

Top cast

John Schneider as James Neely
Evan Williams as Meriwether Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lwilbur-27547 10 / 10

An Unanswered "Who Done It"

"Mysterious Circumstance" is a gripping, true life look into the death of Lewis and Clark's Meriwether Lewis.

Evan Williams gave an outstanding performance as Meriwether Lewis, demonstrating his wide range of talent as he portrayed the various scenarios offered by witnesses. All the actors were magnificent and pulled you in to try to figure out what really happened to this American hero. It has really encouraged me to study up more on this event and all that led up to it. We recently visited his burial site. The movie scenery truly reflected the look and feel of this place.

I highly recommend this film and encourage all to see it!

Reviewed by jlcaterina 10 / 10

Fascinating film

Before this film, I actually didn't know that Meriwether Lewis had died under mysterious circumstances. I knew the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition, but nothing else. Clearly I had a lot to learn and the film does an amazing job of telling the history and bringing the characters and the time period to life. Several different possibilities for how Meriwether died are explored and one of the things I found interesting was that Meriwether remains a very relatable character in all the versions. Also, every possibility given seems completely believable.

And finally, the film is really beautiful in terms of cinematography and musical score. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Reviewed by mscutturini 10 / 10

Something for Everyone!

The film Mysterious Circumstance has history, drama, and mystery all rolled into one movie. It's a great one to watch! The mystery of Meriwether Lewis' death is not well-known, and this movie gives the possibilities about what happened.

While portraying the mystery behind his death, the movie also entertains with the stories that could have led up to his demise. Each story shows a different set of events that led to the same outcome - the death of Meriwether Lewis. All stories seemed very possible to me.

Audiences will see great acting, beautiful cinematography, and first-rate directing from Clark Richey.

An added bonus is seeing Rex the dog portray Meriwether Lewis' dog Seaman.

I'm glad it is available to rent at home!

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