2022 [KOREAN]

Drama / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.7 10 79

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February 06, 2023 at 04:58 PM


Eun-young Seo

Top cast

Yi-Hyun Cho as Moo-neui
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saxena-83739 10 / 10

Loving, and emotional in a good way.

The best line, "follow your heart and be frank".

"Truth can be seen through eyes".

Oh my god this movie is so beautiful, I've deliberately waited for this movie and didnt watch any mpvie before this one so as to guve it all my attention.. and I have to say amd admit it was worth waiting and was so cute,loving, emotional, touching, and it just touched my heart so deeply and at one point made me question my own ways of dealing with love dream and doubts about things.

I mean to say that it so touching that i just flowed together with characters emotions. It was absolutely perfect.

Although you may question the ending for ML but that ending is sensible amd he did all for his friend the FL to exist, well whatsoever I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. <3

All actors have pulled their role so well, that you can feel characters emotions and would feel that you are them instead.

Amazing and Best of best.

Great job actors/ actresses and whole team.

Salang <3 (love in korean, hehe <3)

Reviewed by soeprijo19 9 / 10

Sky of Love 2022

I've seen the mandarin version of this called Sky of Love (2003), so yeah it's almost 20 years ago. It's also the adaption of Korean novel Ditto but they reversed the gender. This movie The Agreement was more faithful to the original source and has a better ending too.

Kim Yong (Yeo Jin Goo) was a senior mechanical engineering college student in 1999. In the faculty that most of its student were male, it's hard to find a girlfriend, not to mention at time South Korea was hit by monetary crisis. So when a beautiful junior Han Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) came in, it was a big deal and everyone wanted to know her. Luck came knocking at Kim Yong's door because he was chosen to introduce Han Sol to her new enviroment. Kim Yong love struck at first sight, and apparently Han Sol was too. But will it have a happy ending?!

Meanwhile, in 2022, a psychology student, Kim Mu Nee, was trying to find a stranger as her source person for college project. She tried her luck with her father's old HAM radio CB. And guess who answer on the other side? None other than our protagonist Kim Yong.

So how could a guy from 1999 had a conversation via HAM radio CB with a girl from 2022?! And is there any connection between Kim Yong and Mu Nee?! You have to see it for yourself to know the explanation.

Mesmerizing 9/10.

Reviewed by basudinho-34845 4 / 10

The love triangle that never madrle sense

It doesn't make sense that he gets to sacrifice his love for her to exist and he also helps her achieve her love. They never explained how the parents got together, them being his ex and bestfriend. How do they end up together when they never had a thing going on. The logic doesn't make sense and how does a tortoise travel that far. The idea that he had to sacrifice his true love for another stranger he never met never made sense. Looked like the writers forced the love angle of the parents they could have easily said he died or something instead of making him give up for a silly reason. Nahh this movie just made me angry and sad, korean romance movies always leave me hurting. Is that a forever existing trend.

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