Big Cat Week The Way of the Cheetah



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February 26, 2022 at 09:00 PM


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Jeremy Irons as Narrator
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Reviewed by knightscrimson 8 / 10

The review about the narration is trash

As an engineer and accomplished writer, including many screenplays (one of which was in collaboration on a project that won an academy award), as well as a dabbler in acting and VO work, I'm confident in saying with authority that the narration of this doc is fine. It's not spectacular, but it's a doc narration. Its colorful enough while still academic and precise.

The doc itself is solid but nothing fresh or new. If you want to watch cheetahs for an hour and rehash everything that every other cheetah doc has said, you'll enjoy it. If you want to use it as a basis for your PhD thesis, you'll probably be disappointed.

Reviewed by cgtam 5 / 10

BBC recycled snippets with Joubert like script; "5 beastie boys"

This old short film with too many long commercial breaks consists of recycled footage from former BBC earth series. Irons silk voice is at times recorded in deep & raspy tone unlike all his other nature narrations, but he gives the same great delivery. Script is POETIC & very Jourbert like, differs from fact only based BBC scripts. Only less than 2000 wild cheetahs remain @ last count in 2020, not 7000.

Half of the film focuses on the 5 beastie boys coalition- gone by 2022. The female Cheetah can be any mom filmed in the past from Nat Geo films (Savage Kingdom). At least one gets to view natural behavior of young cubs with Mom, several cheetah hunts, incl slow action & bit of night vision camera work.

Overall, film is not bad if one loves big cats. How can one tire of seeing gorgeous cheetahs in their habitat, especially playing cubs? Yet, the film only hints at how extremely difficult survival is for cheetahs in nature by being the lightweight solitary cat, notably single moms. Then Add the unbearable burden of native humans' grazing cows overtaking their required vast spaces, the wild cheetah shall be extinct. Nothing brutal is shown so it's child friendly, thus Disneyfied.

Reviewed by polite-45692 2 / 10

Great camera work but miserable narration

Great camera work but miserable narration. The sappy, syrupy, melodramatic narration gives the impression of an old weirdo trying to impress boys by emphasizing that he studied literature. It has no place in a documentary about cheetahs.

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