Three Wishes for Cinderella


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October 07, 2022 at 08:11 PM


Cecilie A. Mosli

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Kristofer Hivju as Hestepasser
Thorbjørn Harr as Kongen
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Reviewed by mustabattal 1 / 10

Another Nope

The result of this star vehicle is both narrative and emotional murkiness. A protagonist of a few lines, degraded to either sad or happy, and has no clear objective nor motive.

And then, after finishing the final draft, someone in the writer's room said "let the two male friends kiss cuz it's... I don't know, they just should kiss" How strange when Askepott and the prince did not kiss at the end.

Reviewed by ika_left-44579 5 / 10

Average at best

Unfortunately this movie adds nothing to the original except a few forced modern additions like a kiss between two men and an black and white moral which turns out to not really be that modern or feminist after all. Imagine managing to make the 2021 female character less feminist than the original while trying to do the opposite? Little to no character development, bland soundtrack and costumes, the humor from the original is nowhere to be found.

The movie is despite this overall probably an enjoyable movie for kids.

Reviewed by sa_kay 1 / 10

they had to go and ruin it, didn't they!?

I doubt that anyone ever asked for a remake or "modern version" of this classic, yet some people seem to have felt the need to take something great and available to everybody (its still here, we dont need another version) and ruin it by trying to put their name on it.

The whole concept lacks idea and the characters lack character. It seems as if they have tried to accommodate everyone and therefore of course failed to accommodate anyone. I think they wanted to be hip and modern and still authentic to the time and place and the story... and failed at both. They really didnt get what made the original movie so bewitching or the Grimm story so fascinating. It looks as though they watched some old and some new disney movies and picked the worst parts. For the modern twist they chose extremes that seem silly and simply out of place in the otherwise traditional setting and storyline.

Those who love the classic movie will be greatly dissappointet! Those who love modern stories and empowered female characters still get the most cliche fairytale story in a patriarchical setting with a meek and weak lead.

I guess those who like to ignore history and think it supercool to place gay couples and "diverse" characters into 17th century northern europe might think it a "cute" movie.

But for what its worth, the gay coulpe seemed to have some chemistry and excited some genuine feeling (despite the annoyance about the unnecessary "modern twist"). So maybe they should have just stuck with their story instead. Might have been more interestig.

I understand the urge to put some modern thought into an old story so young viewers dont learn the thankfully overhauled rules of society, but they failed so ungracefully.

That the 3rd dress is just her everyday clothing instead of a glittering brides dress has some nice touch to it. Yes, she is enough as she is. But other attempts of playing with fairytale standards were so NO.

The characters: Opposed to the original, Aschenbrödel (Cinderella) has no spunk, no charisma, ... In the original she was a somewhat rebellious, brave and funny (frech und keck) young woman who did prove to be able to handle about anything a young man would be respected for and didnt just meekly accept her situation. Providing the prince with a daring counterpart. This one... not so much.

This Aschenbrödel seems plump and almost brainless. A character like one of the old disney princesses - a standard face without personality or opinion, complying and meek.

The diversity-compliant prince of northern europe is even worse. To push the weak character of Aschenbrödel they needed to make the prince even weaker, it seems. Physically as much as mentally. Again, neither spunk nor humour, nor any sort of character, ability or prowess. Yawn. If it was the "original" Aschenbrödel you wouldnt wish her to end up with that dull lump of meat.

In the evolving "love story" is no tension, no display of feeling or excitemet. No flirtation or connection. Its just prince and girl end up in each others vicinity so of course they need to be in love and marry. In this the modern day filmmakers felt the need to stick with tradition but made fun of it by Aschenbrödel commenting "but we just met". (in what fairytale adaptation did I hear that before and why do snow and ice seem to fit that weak pun?) But with two main characters actually lacking any character, it does not surprise that one isnt really interested in the ongoing story. I needed to force myself not to skip scenes all the time.

Basically, all characters were robbed of their personality. They then turned the step sister a nice girl and the evil stepmum now really had to be scary and evil, her actions made exteme. Then there are those weird attempts of trying to bring more modern couture into the film while also kind of trying to stay authentic? No coherent concept.


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