Hello Forever



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October 09, 2022 at 02:31 AM


Peter R. Kirk

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Reviewed by noelenekhoo 10 / 10

A film women will enjoy and men should see.

My friend dragged me along to see this film at the Houston film festival. I had hesitation as it was said to be Australian. Further to my annoyance the dialogue began in Tagolot. It however quickly switched to English and I rapidly became engrossed in the stories of the four main characters. The cinematography was excellent and gave the feel of a big budget movie. I loved the soundtrack especially the final song which leaves the viewer a light hearted. The four main actresses, Rommy played by Isis King from Amnerica's top model; Jinky played by American actress Jenifer Bianco; Sandra played by Filipino actress Sam Booc and Che played by Australian actress Rebecca Khoo; were all excellent. Isis King was nominated for best supporting actress in the festival.

Hello Forever is a gritty film that does not sugar coat prostitution. It leaves the viewer with something to think about and men should see it especially those that go on the prostitiution tours of Asia.

Although there were a few minor flaws, I gave it 10 out of 10 because it is not the typical Hollywood trash with the predictable story line. It is an ambitious film for a first time director with essentially four lead characters, something that is very hard to take off but the director Peter Kirk does it. This is probably a film for women but men should watch it.

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