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October 09, 2022 at 02:29 AM


Keshia Knight Pulliam

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hallmarkmov 9 / 10

Beautiful movie!

Loved the location and the story! It was so beautiful and I like the focus on their friendship over finding a romantic partner. Each character was well developed. There were a few things that I didn't understand, maybe there is an extended version and some stuff was cut? When Joy bonds with Renee and says she would make a great mom and starts opening up about college, Renee dismisses her and talks about Samara's birthday. I thought that was strange and would show she wouldn't be a great mom? Another thing was Samara's pitch - I have no idea what it is? I got the part of expanding finance and making it more accessible but something about families coming together and cards? And then summer travel, vacation? What does that have to do with finance? Who's family is going on soulful vacation? The people at work or customers? I've watched it twice and still don't know! Samara had the weird outburst at her friends when her basket was evaluated as unfinished and it causes a big rift among the three of them. I didn't feel like it was really resolved and the three of them at her apartment wasn't enough. Other than that I enjoyed the movie, the relationships, all of the locations, and the side storylines. I wished the ending focused on all three friends, all three standing together by the water like in the painting. It would have made a powerful impact of the friendship they shared. I know the whispering stone only called Samara back but I don't know it would have been nice to focus on the girlfriends rather than the romantic relationship which to me was a side thing and not the main focus.

Reviewed by drbreakwell 7 / 10

Better than the other Hallmark movies

A "take off" from the recent TV series Fantasy Island. It has a similar plot as the TV series. 3 girlfriends go to a retreat, but find themselves on a mysterious island. They must discover their true life calling. One, wants to go back to work, one wants to be a mom, the other still needs to discover her true path in life. You can see where the adventure is going to to take them. The mom will take over the salon, the salon owner is going to become a foster mom to the young girl on the island, and the workaholic will discover her calling is to slow down and get back into painting, and she will get together with the good looking man. All 3 will find their true direction. A better movie from the rest of the Hallmark movies. Someone at Hallmark must have been listening and decided to change the script direction.

Reviewed by mccabe-shannon 5 / 10

I had higher expectations

This rating may be a tad low for a hM movie, but I had high expectations for this. When I first saw all the ads I thought it was going to be a series. Which I think would be a good series for HM- a friends show.

The acting was fine, the production was better than most and the scenery was beautiful.

The "mix up" was predictable and stupid.

The storylines weren't really all developed. I never got invested in any of the characters too much. I needed more in order to care.

There were a lot of things that just went unanswered or didn't make any sense.

For something so hyped it just fell below the high expectations.

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