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October 09, 2022 at 02:11 AM


Chris Rakotomamonjy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jericho467 10 / 10

A 1.5 hour movie as entertaining as bloody

Suggested by Prime Video, it was a pleasure to find out a new movie from an unknown name.

The story takes place in a big house held by a young lady looking for a job. Because of an accident, her journey will go through a nightmare.

I had a outstanding moment watching this movie, especially during the 2nd part, entirely dedicated to a huge gunfight and martial-arts fightings.

The film-director looks clearly inspired by great names such as Dario Argento and John Carpenter. I also loved the reference to Friday Night Lights (best TV show ever made).

If you like nonstop action movies, watch Home-Sitters !!!!

Reviewed by bloomingstar999 8 / 10

Nonstop fun & action

Just received as a suggestion by Prime newsletter among some other movies, with known faces. I picked up this one out of curiosity because watching always the same thing with the same names becomes extremely boring. With this indie flick, you don't have one single minute to get bored. The plot was trimmed down to the core backbone. A girl is hired to house sit a big house over the weekend. What was expected to be a quiet job, is going to turn into a nitemare. Fortunately, she's a kind of Michelle Yeoh or Cynthia Khan.

After a mere 15-min introduction, it's a maelstorm of gunfights and high kicks until the very end. Even if the budget does not seem huge, the energy involved is astounding and more refreshing than recent tasteless girl-kicks-bad-guys-asses. According to some sites, they are working on much bigger productions, let's hope they manage to keep the same mindset.

Reviewed by jasonradar 9 / 10

The low budget Time & Tide

Not a sequel, reboot or I dunno what else. Not even a homage even though we feel as if we're back into the good old 80s with Rothrock, Khan and Khan and Romeo Diaz as the composer with original movies that knew how to avert pointlessly fat scripts.

As epilectic as a Tsui Hark, without the Ching Siu Tung expertise, it looks like a present days Time & Tide, with a similar in-the-fridge 1-take sequence. With some flavors from Magic Crystal...

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