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May 04, 2023 at 09:33 AM


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Reviewed by joekay-59388 9 / 10

A Very Important Documentary

The film, which is based on a brilliant book by Matthew Alford and Tom Secker, scrutinizes a very important issue of the US government's direct involvement in Hollywood, from influencing production to major script changes or even scrapping of certain projects.

Over the years, the United States has created a particular image of itself and its government agencies. This image of a superior and virtuous nation has been manifested very diligently all across the world. According to polls by Pew Research Center, the image of the United States both domestically and around the world is largely positive, especially among the younger generation, and it's not only in the West or the Global North, but also, quite surprisingly, in Asia, Africa and even Latin America (there was a significant drop in international support for POTUS during Trump's presidency, but that has now bounced back).

What's seen in particularly high regard are the US tech, entertainment and military. It's pretty obvious that the US entertainment industry with the leading role of Hollywood has played a major part in propagating this image, especially with regard to the US military. The little-known fact that the DoD alone has been involved in supporting around 2,000 titles over the years, both big-screen and TV is mind-blowing. As the producer of Theaters of War, Matthew Alford, who also stars in the film said: "the Pentagon operates like a slickly oiled PR machine that's advertising the most violent and powerful organization on the planet."

As is the case with marketing schemes designed to sell particular products, the depicted image has little to do with reality. The more accurate portrayal of the US government's role in world affairs can be found in commonly available literature, yet books don't generate multi-billion dollar revenues. What's dangerous about the corporate media-entertainment tandem is that it conditions us to approve and condone the destructive war machine and it deliberately obscures our perception of the consequences.

Certainly a must-see for every blockbuster fan.

Reviewed by stevebesley 2 / 10

I'm shocked, shocked to find that the military cares about its image!

As I began watching this I was amazed at all these folks who seemed surprised and scandalized that the US military would insist on approval and even control over the message of any film that used their hardware and resources. As a film maker you don't have to agree, but then the military will not cooperate and lend you their toys.

How could this possibly be news to anyone? If you don't like the US, or the US military, or US government affairs that's fine. Make whatever movie you like - just without their help. But how naive can you be to expect that the US military will cooperate with your project if they don't like your message?

Reviewed by Jaws528491 10 / 10

Must-See Documentary about State (Entertainment) Media

This is a very well-made documentary about how far-reaching the military is in its propaganda. The filmmakers wisely give example after example of the military's involvement (heck, taking over might be a better term) in virtually every Hollywood movie and TV show, using the government's own documents.

If any other country did this, the American people would correctly call it "state (entertainment) media." It's a testament to how well-orchestrated this whole operation is when every person I mention this subject matter to, says "that's not true," NOT "how do you know this?" or "based on what evidence?" The American public is blissfully unaware of the state's heavy hand in the entertainment they watch everyday. Also, if you read authors like Chris Hedges, then you see how many people watch movies, are encouraged to enlist in the military, then try to reenact scenes they have watched. The military's image is all powerful. The propaganda is effective when Americans are unaware of the fact that a major poll was done for the countries of the world and the United States was listed as the biggest threat to world peace. A reading recommendation I would pair with this doc is "Manufacturing Consent" by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky.

I hope these filmmakers make a documentary about the military-intelligence agencies involvement in social media, or journalism next.

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