The Jupiter Enigma



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October 09, 2022 at 10:08 AM


Thomas Lucas

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Reviewed by talllguysf 8 / 10

The first answer of many questions of why we are here...

Understanding planetary science is the first question we humans have now answered with some reasonable level of accuracy. This documentary walks you through the creation and current state of not only Jupiter, but how Jupiter shaped the entire solar system. This documentary also explains (albeit briefly) how our earth formed and evolved to become is the way it is.

This very adept documentary helps anyone on a quest to understand why our little corner of that universe is how it is...and how the our stable earthly environment arose thanks in large part because of Jupiter. We literally owe our lives in many respects to this large gas planet.

Visually stunning and competently written and spoken narration.

Highly recommend for educational instruction and those interested in planetary science. Also highly recommend to those who want to understand the origin of our local neighborhood (the region and planets of our solar system).

Big thumbs up.

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