The Falls: Covenant of Grace


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 986

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October 09, 2022 at 11:48 AM


Jon Garcia

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dallas_viewer 8 / 10

A gem that somehow made its way to our (conservative city's) local library

Disclosure: Straight middle-aged woman here.

MINOR SPOILER included below.

Wow, never heard of this trilogy before. Then I noticed TF:CoG was among the new DVDs recently added to our local library collection. (I was kind of surprised, since I live in a pretty conservative mid-western city.)

Anyway, I was so impressed by the acting in this story! The performances were so good, at times I felt like a voyeur, witnessing intimate moments I had no business seeing.

Nick Ferrucci's portrayal particularly came across as so honest, so truthful, it blew me away. The vulnerability expressed through his eyes was very convincing. Hope to see more of him in the future.

The story itself was compelling. I've never seen a movie where two men were sweetly and passionately in love, emotionally and physically. Always a sucker for a good romance, I found this as satisfying as any M/F movie romance. I was a little surprised, though, that one of the characters who seemed adamantly opposed to the M/M relationship "came around" by the end of the movie. I'd have preferred that not happen, as I think it would have (sadly) been more realistic.

Now I have to go track down the first two installments of this trilogy. :-)

Reviewed by mhubbard-54657 10 / 10

A love story to shake your soul

Covenant of Grace is part III of the wonderful Falls trilogy by Jon Garcia . If you have loved the first 2 films, this will not disappoint.

It is 7 years after their mission. While both of the mission companions are now out of the closet, Chris, who lives in Salt lake city, still hopes to somehow reconcile his love for another man with the anti-gay doctrines of the LDS church. His church tells him that he can be gay, as long as he is celibate.

Meanwhile, RJ is making a life for himself in Portland, making friends with fellow members of a gay ex-Mormon support group. He invites Chris for a weekend. At first it is awkward, but they soon make love. The next day they clash over church doctrine, and RJ has a panic attack. Chris helps him through it, but Chris returns home, with their relationship still unsettled.

Events, large and small, finally convince Chris that they should be together, no matter what anyone thinks, and there is a happy ending.

Now for the 10 star review. There are few, if any, films that make you feel like a camera has accidentally been left on in someone's living room, or bedroom. Such is the natural intimacy and realism of this trilogy.

Here is a beautiful love story that makes you completely forget "straight or gay." It seems that was the director's intent, and I applaud him.

Both actors are very convincing in their roles, but Nick Ferrucci's performance is amazing.

The film is haunting, compelling, and simply unforgettable.

Reviewed by ohlabtechguy 7 / 10

Cried like a baby throughout!!!

I just watched all 3 movies. Both the second and third were outright tearjerkers. The third had me crying from the start to the finish. Nick Ferrucci was incredibly convincing in his portrayal of a gay man deeply in love with another gay man. The intimate scenes between him and his male partner, Chris, were very tender, relaxed and realistic. As a gay man, I saw this film more as an idealized, gay romance, where the lead characters are actual soulmates destined to be together forever. I have serious doubts that very many actual gay LTRs are as monogamous or able to sustain the level of profound devotion, starting at age 20, depicted in this film. Still, the raw realness of every character's emotions was fully understood and highlighted what all humans share, the need to be accepted, to love and be loved. I am so glad directors are finally making movies where gay men can actually get married and live happily ever after. It sets an example for the next generation of gay men. Loved Nick's acting so much...his teary eyes acted as magnets, a window into his soul.

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