Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust



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May 07, 2023 at 07:49 PM


Rebecca Snow

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Reviewed by schiarantano 8 / 10

A poignant documentary where tragedy meets survival and individual heroism in Nazi occupied Europe

Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust (2019), directed by Rebecca Snow, is a poignant documentary that narrates the stories of three child survivors of The Holocaust focusing on their childhood experiences during Nazi persecution. It's a character driven documentary focussing on the personal stories of Helen Yermus, Rose Lipszyc, and Maxwell Stuart. It's a deeply meditative film exploring loss, pain, memory, man's inhumanity to man, and individual courage and the triumph of the will to survive. The documentary is deeply rooted within the stories of these three elderly Canadians who survived the horrors of Nazi German persecution as children during the Second World War when Nazi Germany was hellbent to anihilate the Jews of Europe.

Snow weaves together many visual elements to create a compelling and insightful documentary where tragedy meets survival and individual heroism. Interstitial tiles are used to structure the film. The director knits together first person interviews, interviews with experts, archival footage, family photographs, narration, animation and recreated scenes from her characters' childhood experiences, montage editing, and mise-en-scene takes to make an emotionally moving and powerful documentary. The documentary incorporates both interior and exterior footage shot over an extended period of time at various locations which includes Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and Israel. Scenes alternate between Ms. Yermus, Ms. Lipszyc, and Mr. Stuart reflecting on their families, their childhoods, and their personal experiences of surviving The Holocaust, and as elderly senior citizens, coming to terms with their horrific traumatic experiences. The motif of loss, guilt, psychic pain weave themselves through the documentary giving the film depth and structure. Some of the most dramatic scenes in the film include Ms. Yermus's grandson visiting the site of her brother's execution at Kaunas IX Fort now a museum, Ms. Lipszyc visiting Sobibor Concentration Camp where her mother and siblings perished, and Mr. Stuart reuniting with the family of Janek and meeting Tova whom he rescued when she was an infant.

Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust is a powerful film documenting the moving stories of three elderly Canadians who as children survived The Holocaust. Their collective experiences shine a light on the experiences of many survivors of The Shoah and is a painful remainder of man's inhumanity to man but more importantly, is a testament to the triumph of the will and individual heroism.

The documentary is a labour of love and gives voice to the collective experience of the victims of Nazi persecution during the Second World War. Snow has not only created intimate portraits of three remarkable Canadians who triumphed over evil but has created a visual legacy which enshrines their personal stories which can be shared with future generations to educate them on the Nazi genocide inflicted on the Jews of Europe during the Second World War. The documentary has tremendous educational value and can serve as a vehicle to educate and promote social understanding and awareness. This documentary is deserving of your attention. Do see it!

Reviewed by gentengompen 10 / 10

Never forget.

This is a review that consists of very few words To me, this wonderful and deeply sad documentary said all that needed to be said.

Cheating Hitler : Surviving the Holocaust.

It is everyone's responsibility to never let history repeat itself.

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nakedfaerie profile
nakedfaerie May 07, 2023 at 08:31 pm

elites propaganda. If you believe this is real then go get your next vax shot as you believe thats real too.

firesulfurlake profile
firesulfurlake May 07, 2023 at 07:46 pm

you cheat germans every day... robbing astronomical ficticious reparations