No Greater Love



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October 09, 2022 at 10:32 PM


Justin Roberts

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Reviewed by BenMc1231 9 / 10

A truly original, thought provoking insight into soldiers lives in combat and at home

I was fortunate enough to see a pre-screening of "No Greater Love" so some aspects may have changed since this review was written. First and foremost, this movie is unlike any other. Yes there is action and drama and horror but not in the same way no as a main focus as say, "the hurt locker" or "lone survivor". It touches back on films such as "Jarhead" or "American sniper" which took a step in examining the concept of trauma back at home. is not an action packed in the typical way, ALL footage is raw, taken by a chaplain armed with only a camera in NO SLACK company. It explores the companies experiences in Afghanistan with interviews of the men who served with in the company at the time who each told their aspect of each scenario and what they had to deal with in an organic, flowing and well thought-through manor. This film explores life back home in such detail as to what these troops experience in combat and at home with aspects of family break down, PTSD and suicide all to real, how they go through trauma and their own motivations to keep going after combat in a way that all audiences can appreciate and understand. I found it incredible hearing how soldiers experience such horrific injuries and cannot wait to go back out. Hearing stories of shocking attacks from the people who experienced it first hand and often sustained injuries has an impact that no other movie in its genre has achieved. Don't watch this movie expecting a heroic tale, fast paced story, award winning music or filmography. Instead watch for a raw experience and appreciation for just what these Soldiers, and their loved ones go through; half the fight is at home. Everyone should see this movie; it has personally changed my perspective on war and returning soldiers. I give it well deserved 9/10.

Reviewed by hilleraw 10 / 10


By far one of the best war documentaries I have ever seen. Every American should watch this to even begin to grasp what our soldiers go through, from the day to day operations to the tragedies they endure.

The storyline is excellent and the way the movie dives into specific occurrences throughout the deployment keeps you interested and engaged throughout the film. Raw footage is what makes this documentary so special. While films like Restrepo and Korengal are a couple that I have always felt really portrayed the war, No Greater Love comes in right there with them. Excellent doesn't even begin to describe this film nor do it justice.

I hope to see this on the big screen later this year.

Reviewed by freshclean-66-318608 8 / 10

Wow! This Should Have Been Shown On A More Broader Scale!

I saw this intriguing documentary at the Louisiana International Film Festival wondering why something like this wasn't shown on a broader scale. This documentary illustrated how the war for some US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan doesn't end just because they finish their tour and come back home. This film displays the war from the view of an Army chaplain (Justin Roberts) and his men while fighting in actual combat and it shows what life is like for some of the soldiers when they get back home. Justin Roberts, a new chaplain, is deployed with the 2/327th Infantry Regiment, known as "No Slack", to Kunar Province in Afghanistan. According to Justin, he wasn't able to carry a weapon so he asked if could carry a camera instead and they told him, "Sure, just don't get shot!" so he started taking pictures and videos of his soldiers in Afghanistan to send to their loved ones via Facebook so they can see how they were doing then he decided to put some of those pictures and videos together with other pictures and videos during his tour to make a documentary. The soldiers documented in this film tell of the heartaches they endured on the battle field and how it affects their lives off of the battle field. This documentary is an extraordinary piece of work that has to be seen by any, every, and all red blooded Americans who care. It's gripping and it lets you know what's really going on with some of the people who fought to protect this country.

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FilmCritix profile
FilmCritix October 09, 2022 at 09:57 pm

Wow. This is amazing.