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2021 [FINNISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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May 23, 2023 at 12:25 PM


Juho Kuosmanen

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Reviewed by Xstal 8 / 10

Railroad to Somewhere...

What would you do, in a carriage made for four, there's just you and a drunk guy, and he thinks that you're a whore, there's nowhere to run or hide, this will not be a great ride, but you're stoic and heroic, you will take it in your stride.

A wonderful story, as Laura and Ljoha, two strangers on a train, gradually allow the ice that encapsulates us all to thaw, defrost, puddle and merge, creating a bond that was as distant as the poles when they first encountered each other at the beginning of their journey from Moscow to Murmansk. A story that proves what a catalyst we can be to each other when the barriers are removed to reveal the compassionate and emotional beings we are deep inside.

Reviewed by thao 9 / 10

Much more than just a brilliant character study!

This is such a beautiful film and way deeper than some might realize. It is not only a brilliant character study, but also hints at some brutal facts about Russia's past.

There will be spoilers from here on!!!

So what's the problem with Ljoha? It is never spelled out but from all we see and hear we realize that he was an orphan during the collapse of the USSR. Orphanages were never good in the Soviet Union but they got no better after its collapse.

This is from Wikipedia: "There have been reports over the years that the conditions in the orphanages are not providing proper mental and physical care. Researchers have stated that children 3 and under lose one IQ point for every month spent inside. Children adopted from Russia are also more likely than any other country to have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Doctors visiting some of these institutions have even reported seeing toddlers sitting alone, rocking back and forth, staring blankly, or even banging their heads against walls. Children in the 1990s were often not provided with proper nutrition and were not given quality living and sleeping conditions.

The older woman whom they visited (who was more than a mother) probably worked at the orphanage. This is why he struggles with rejection. And this is also why he does not write down his address. He probably does not have one.

I love how the film first presents him as a terrible person but slowly shows us his humanity. How he is much more than what is on the surface.

The main theme of the film is lies. Lies the government tells through statistics (as the old woman points out). Laura's life in Moscow is also a lie. She is really not in a loving relationship and all these educated people are just performing for each other. She slowly realizes this and loses her camera at the same time with all the fake memories. And Ljoha is hiding his past.

And then there's the whole purpose of the trip, which ends up being the least interesting thing that happens, because even though the past matters, the connections we make here and now matter more.

Reviewed by bea37 7 / 10

Sensitive journey

I have just watched this at the Mostra Internacional de São Paulo.

It feels very genuine: the acting is naturalistic and the story, simple. It's a road movie/coming of age experience that teaches us a few valuable lessons without preaching them. Also a reminder of how much we miss natural-looking people on the big screen.

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