Mary and Martha



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October 10, 2022 at 05:10 PM


Phillip Noyce

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Hilary Swank as Mary
Sam Claflin as Ben
Frank Grillo as Peter
Stephanie Faracy as Head of Committee
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Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10


If people say and tell you this is inspiring, they are not wrong. Based on real events, this is really gripping and without knowing where this was heading (hadn't read anything about it, before I watched it), I really was surprised after about 30 minutes into the film. After that it was kind of obvious where it would go, but the acting and the telling of the story is really good.

Not to mention the central performances. Even if towards the end you get a bit of a "cliche" speech, you'd have to have a heart of stone, not to be touched by it at all. You could also argue about the husband and what he decides to do and how things get "solved", but after all that happened, it seems to be a suiting ending to it all

Reviewed by dalydj-918-255175 5 / 10

Mary and Martha

This story of mothers fighting for a cause is both inspiring and informing the audience on the real problems that face out current world whether we are aware of them. Mary (Hilary Swank) brings her son to Africa at the same time as Martha's (Brenda Blethyn) son Ben comes to be a teacher to young kids in the country. Both women lose their sons to Malaria and when Mary comes back after the lose she meets Martha and the women come together while in different continents to bring more help to the issues of Malaria in the world. The story was inspiring especially when seeing this women be in great grief but trying to fight to make a difference especially the character of Mary who really was the main character of the film and when the scenes were showed of her son dying of the terrible it very emotional in both how it was directing, written and acted by Hilary Swank. Hilary Swank is a great film actress but lately she has seem to have taken a break from any film worthy of her talents but with her role as Mary I believe it may be a return to form. From her reaction to her son George's death to her final speech in front of some government people. Throughout she is asked to not show her emotions even when she addresses it at the funeral of her son where she does not cry. Brenda Blethyn plays Martha and she is just as impressive as Swank while she appears in less of the movie. Her emotions are all over her face and it was very well played by Blethyn. The film was strong written, directed and acted by it's stars Swank and Blethyn that it was a great movie.

MOVIE GRADE: B (MVP: Hilary Swank)

Reviewed by bethany-lewis 9 / 10

Totally inspiring, heartbreaking and brilliant.

I watched this last night and am still thinking about it right now, all the time. The movie is to raise awareness of malaria, which kills children by the dozen each year. The film is extremely touching. It presents a strong mother-son bond for both Mary and George, and Martha and Ben. When tragedy strikes, it is presented in such a way only someone with a heart of stone would not be moved. The acting is of a high-quality -- you can feel exactly what the characters are feeling. Mary's speech towards the end is touching and moving; it gave me goosebumps and produced fresh tears in my eyes. Overall a brilliant film, I would definitely watch it again.

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