2002 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 234 234

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May 24, 2023 at 07:25 AM


Jean-François Stévenin

Top cast

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Reviewed by Dhomochevsky 1 / 10

Avoid this at all cost!

Let's try to be "objective". This movie is one of "my" worst cinema experience in my whole life. Full of easy clichés about french country(it takes place in southwestern France, where i come from, and i can tell you it's painful...), stupid and simply ugly, It doesn't deserve any attention from anyone who has a little taste. What made me even more angry is that it's been acclaimed as "the best french movie of 2002" by lots of critics...

The introduction itself is a "pure" one : an old granpa (Mischka), wearing a stinky night-gown, is almost deliberately left hanging in a gas station by is redneck of a son (here we call them "beaufs"). Just like a dog. He's been so far precisely carried on to vacations in the truck of the car. The family leaves and realize Mischka is missing. His son decides not to go back, cause he's sure the old geezer will find his way alone... If that's not a "good" start i don't know what it is... If it was possible to give a 0 to a single movie in all the IMDb, i would choose this one without any hesitation. I hope i remained "objective" enough, though... my apologies to those who liked this one.

Reviewed by crazyfish987 1 / 10


Worst film I have ever seen. Recently watched it with a group of friends and we're all getting accounts now just to trash it. Would prefer being fingered by Captain Hook. The trivia section says it was rated as #9 on a list of best 2002 movies. Everyone must have been high on cocaine that year. Wanted this to be a quick anti-recommendation, but there's a minimum length, so here's a quick list of other things I prefer to this movie: Giving a whale a piggyback ride, listening to the poetry of Vogons, the moment after you try and high-five someone who's missing their hand, and 2Girls1Cup. That is correct, I am recommending 2Girls1Cup as a better movie than this one. Maybe France should take a look at giving that one awards.

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