Mind Rage



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October 10, 2022 at 04:37 PM


Mark Allen Michaels

Top cast

Charles Hallahan as Jack Stillman
Tippi Hedren as Dr. Wilma Randolph
Max Gail as Lou
Dennis Christopher as Steve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Fun thriller

A serial killer's trail of dead bodies leads to the haunting past of two brothers and one woman's love for both of them. But you know what will make you watch this?

The cast! You've got Max Gail, Charles Hallahan, Tippi Hedren and Dennis Christopher, which is way better than you'd expect for a small budget film.

This movie was made at some point in the 90s and wouldn't be released until 2001. That shouldn't stop you from watching this, which feels kind of like an American giallo, which is not a bad thing. I mean, a serial killer is taunting a schoolteacher, who has a cop half-brother and a new lover who looks exactly like every one of the victims and his mother, who died mysteriously.

Reviewed by Wizard-8 4 / 10

Modern noir stumbles more than it succeeds

It didn't take long into watching "Mind Rage" when I saw that it was an obvious attempt to replicate the "noir" movies of the 1940s and 1950s. While in color, it is photographed and lit in a way that those black and white noirs came across as, the music is very noirish in tone, and the camerawork and other directorial touches feel right out of the cinematic golden age. I do applaud the director and everyone else working really hard to emulate classic noir, but unfortunately the results don't really work as well. I think the main reason is that the movie also mixes in a lot of modern elements to go along with the noir elements, from the costume design to the R-rated sexual elements. The movie ends up feeling like two movies were edited into one. This might also explain why there are some really murky elements to the story. (For example, a character suddenly has a bandage on his face in one scene with no explanation, and the bandage is never seen again later in the movie.) There is an unexpected twist at the end, but the more I think about this twist, it more seems like the screenplay was trying to avoid dealing with much of what happened before this twist. Still, you don't see a movie every day that has both Charles Hallahan and Dennis Christopher in it, two underrated actors who do a decent job here. If you must see the movie, the best thing to do just before starting is to prepare yourself for an extreme curio instead of something more akin to full blooded entertainment.

Reviewed by slasherfan-591-817764 7 / 10

Sometimes, between the past and the present ... Lies of Mind

Interesting and almost unknown Psychothriller (the information out there about this film is scarce and very confused) we can include in the current movie that emerged in the 90s, including "Seven" remains the absolute reference. In this case, to its slogan boasted of it (in the style of Seven). The hallmark of his aesthetic is genuinely the last decade of the twentieth century, like its dark tone and gloomy, almost depressing. The story is full of unhappy characters and tired of their existence, people that unfolds in a bleak and tragic that world seem to want to escape but failed. The script is routine, but has some other item of interest and, above all, a couple of turns, especially not the second- expected to raise the film to a more than satisfactory level. The direction of the unknown Mark Allen Michaels nothing more discreet. The scenes of the killings are slightly disturbing, but the killer was barely glimpsed and deaths are not graphs. Nor are there too many suspects and false leads, but the director manages to maintain interest throughout and lead to the final surprise that leaves a good taste. The performances are quite correct. The best in my opinion is an almost unrecognizable Dennis Christopher (Fade to black) in a role that demanded more prominence. Good performance also of Charles Hallahan (The Thing) in the role of a violent police, and the last of his career before his death that year (1997). Michael Rogue, a stranger to my actor, is the main leading role, but is somewhat off and is always overshadowed by Hallahan. Andrea Leithe, interpret eminently television, it is pretty but little shines as an actress. Much better is the work of old friend Max Gail (The Curse of Black Widow), which again shows his seniority and job playing the nicest character in the film. Curiously, Tippi Hedren (The Birds) also appears in a small role making psychologist. In any case we have a great film, but typically before a thriller 90s that continues forward, it has its moments and saves the best for last. If you like titles like "Postmortem", "The Sign of the Murderer" or "Red Rain" is a highly recommended film. Also known as "Mind Lies". P.S. The release date of the film (video) was 1997.

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