The Heart of Nuba



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October 10, 2022 at 05:30 PM


Kenneth A. Carlson

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Reviewed by smahva 10 / 10

A film of one man giving and loving so much.

This is an amazing film, documentary, and must be viewed by everyone. One man, one Doctor serving so many people. So much love and caring for so many loving people who are suffering from so much from an evil regime. The film does not preach or beat you over the head with a self- righteous attitude. It shows the love and dedication that one man has for the people in the Sudan. The love one man has for the people of the world. A lovely and beautiful film of a gifted beautiful kind man and the same love and warmth given back to him and others from those people. This documentary enforced our desire to make our feature film even better. There is nothing in this world that is better than giving of one self. This film THE LOVE OF NUBA will only help you to do that. Bless them all and everyone who made this film. Haskell Vaughn Anderson III

Reviewed by dddavids 9 / 10

Superhero courage in an Ordinary doctor

The raw documentary nature of this film highlights the fearlessness and patience of Dr. Catena and the staff at Mother of Mercy Hospital in Sudan. The film opens with pastoral scenes from the impoverished Nuba Mountains with overlays telling you there are a million people spread over this arid mountainous region. "Tom Catena is their only doctor." The rest of the story is a gripping depiction of heavy bombing against a minority with no defense and no protection but foxholes. The only relief until the end of the film is a brief sabbatical at Dr. Tom's home in upstate New York when he gets malaria. Everyone will leave this film asking, "Why didn't I hear about this sooner?"

Reviewed by lmanniboph 10 / 10

The Kind of Hero the World Needs More Of.

Why Watch The Heart of Nuba? Because we all need something to believe in. Because we all need to be inspired. Because it will (probably) make you want to be a better person.

And perhaps most importantly, because Dr. Tom deserves to have his wish granted.

A wish you ask? Before being awarded the Aurora Prize, we asked Dr. Tom what it was like to be honored as a finalist.

"It's a bit intimidating and to be honest with you, I am just kind of here, taking care of some people, and I am just filling a small cocoon. But awards serve their purpose. If it helps tell the world about the atrocities happening in Nuba, and the amazing work of the church and the people here, then I feel blessed to be a finalist."

So by seeing this movie, and encouraging others to see it, you are helping fulfill Dr. Tom's wish of letting the world know about the plight of the Nuban people.

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