Babes in Toyland


Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36% · 11 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 4521 4.5K

Plot summary

All roads lead to magical, merry Toyland as Mary Contrary and Tom Piper prepare for their wedding! But villainous Barnaby wants Mary for himself, so he kidnaps Tom, setting off a series of comic chases, searches, and double-crosses! The "March Of The Wooden Soldiers" helps put Barnaby in his place, and ensures a "happily ever after" for Tom and Mary!

June 14, 2023 at 03:09 PM


Jack Donohue

Top cast

Tommy Sands as Tom Piper
Annette Funicello as Mary Quite Contrary
Thurl Ravenscroft as Trees
Ray Bolger as Barnaby Barnicle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Not among the best of the Disney live-action musicals, but a nice film all the same

Babes in Toyland may not be a "great" film, but it does have a lot of charms, well at least for me it did. The direction is at times lacking in pizazz and comes across as stodgy, making the film drag a bit in the less eventful parts. The story is rather thin, sometimes uneventful which bogs the pace down(but this is not in the entire film), and while Tommy Sands does have moments where he shines like in his gypsy drag scene at other points he's dull. Babes in Toyland looks colourful and the production values are simple and very pretty. Victor Herbert's score is a very pleasant one, it's not one of his greatest scores but it has songs that are both melodious and catchy. The choreography is light-on-its-feet and enough to tap the toes, so there is some liveliness to be had. The story is nothing really special, but there is a wonderful weirdness and wondrous fantasy atmosphere. That can especially be seen in the March of the Wooden Toy Soldiers sequence, which is the prime example of where you can find the film's clever special effects. There are some nice funny moments, and some slapstick(from personal perspective it wasn't that misplaced though it did have a Laurel and Hardy feel) and a lot of heart-warming charm. Don't expect fully developed characters, particularly with Tom and Mary, but they're hardly shallow either, the most colourful of them are Barnaby and the Toymaker. The performances are entertaining. Annette Funicello is a beauty and gives a charming performance, Ann Jillian doesn't have much to do but shows off her beautiful singing voice and child stars Kevin Cocoran and Tommy Kirk pop up too and are similarly appealing. The best of the lot go to Ed Wynn and particularly Ray Bolger. Wynn is both zany and warm-hearted, some of the film's most entertaining moments are with him. With Bolger, when you think of him you don't usually think of him playing a villain, but he does here and is delightfully wicked and seems to be having fun without over-compensating. In conclusion, as far as Disney live-action musicals Babes in Toyland is not as good as Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks and lacks both films' magic, but it is still a nice fun film that shouldn't demand too much. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

all the bright colors

Mother Goose and her puppet goose Sylvester introduces a stage performance of the many children story characters. Tom (Tommy Sands) and Mary (Annette Funicello) are planning to get married. Tom is the son of the Piper and Mary is from "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary". Barnaby (Ray Bolger) intends to marry Mary and steal her money. He recruits petty criminals Gonzorgo and Roderigo to throw Tom into the sea and steal Mary's sheep. Gonzorgo has the idea to sell Tom to the gypsies to make money twice. Bo Beep (Ann Jillian) brings news that the sheep have gone. Mary is out of options and is forced to marry Barnaby until Tom suddenly returns with the gypsies. Meanwhile, Bo Beep leads the kids to the Forest of No Return to find her sheep. Tom and Mary go to save the children. The talking trees allow them to go to the Toymaker.

This Technicolor fantasy has all the bright colors in the rainbow. It insists on being cheery despite following so much the villains. Tommy Sands and Annette Funicello are not particularly compelling. Funicello is darn cute but has limitations in her acting. The songs are cheery. This has that cutesy Disney charm but it does not really stand the test of time. It has enough wackiness for kids of that era and this should have an appeal due to its nostalgia.

Reviewed by smilefumble 4 / 10

Disney's forgotten classic...with a reason

While watching a short documentary on Disney's association with L. Frank Baum's world of Oz, I heard that while experimenting with the possibility of doing a live-action musical film featuring its characters in the late 1950s, this film was what he ultimately made instead.

Upon seeing the clips from Babes in Toyland that they had included in it, as a long-time Disney fan I thought "Hey, why have I never heard of this before.

So, I quickly went out and bought the movie and within just minutes of sitting down to watch it, I saw exactly why I'd never heard of it before.

Throughout the entire film, you get the feeling that the major concern of everyone involved in the production was how it looked because it appears that they spent more time on that than anything else, but there are even times where that isn't very good.

It's springtime in Mother Goose Village and sweethearts Tom Piper and Mary Contrary (Tommy Sands and Annette Funicello) have named their wedding day. However, unbeknownst to Mary, she will inherit a fortune upon getting married (from whom we are never told) that the miserly Barnaby (Ray Bolger) wants for himself. So, he instructs his two bumbling henchmen (Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon) to kill Tom. However, the two decide that they want a little extra money, so after kidnapping him, they sell him to some gypsies that eventually return him to his beloved.

However, all is not yet well as Mary's five children...wait no, they can't be her children, she's too young...brothers and sisters...wait no, she wouldn't be left to take care of them by herself... foster children...wait no, how does a 25-something-year-old woman get those...ah, forget it! Anyway, five children go wandering into The Forest of No Return and Tom and Mary go to try and retrieve them. However, some menacing-looking singing trees who work for a neighbouring toymaker, played by Ed Wynn (why?) send them off to his workshop where they agree to help him make toys because he has only one assistant (again, why?)

So, as you can tell from that summary, there are some major plot holes, but that is not the film's only shortcoming.

Many of the characters are so underdeveloped that as you watch, you find yourself very uninvested in what is happening to them. Mary only takes a stand once in the climax of the film. The rest of her screen time is spent either crying, being confused or singing dull romantic duets with her lover. Speaking of Tom, he does get a delightfully goofy number in which he re-enters the town dressed in gypsy drag, but other than that, we see nothing of his personality, other than the fact that he's suave and handsome. As for the kids, the fact that they are what they are is all we know about them.

Barnaby is always fun to watch as he twirls his cape and tap dances his way through his scenes, but the problem is that by doing so, he does not present himself as much of a threat when he's supposed to be the main villain of the piece. His two henchmen get a giggle here and there, but not too often. The Toymaker should be really enjoyable, considering who plays him, but he comes across as extremely unlikeable, because he always insists on doing everything himself, making a huge mess in the process.

Although, as previously stated there is a lot of creativity to be seen in this movie. The various storybook-like houses featured herein look really imaginative, as do the costumes and several of the effects look very convincing. However, there are exceptions to that statement, as there are times where the visual elements look like they could have been worked on a little more and other effects look really fake. For example there is a scene where one of the henchmen magically disappears underneath a puddle but the movements of the stop-motion toy soldiers used in the climax look extremely choppy.

As for the music, Babes in Toyland's numbers range from extremely catchy (Castle In Spain, I Can't Do the Sum) to totally bland and/or forgettable (Just a Toy, Toyland.) On a final note, the choreography looks as though it were lazily thought out, what with the dancers repeatedly jumping from left to right and vice versa.

All that said, I feel profuse pity for this film as it had capable actors, great visuals, a previously wildly successful operetta to adapt itself from...all the ingredients that could have made it a masterpiece. Sadly though, in the end my final verdict is "watch only if you're a hardcore Disney fan like me."

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