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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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October 10, 2022 at 11:02 PM


Petr Jákl

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Matthew Goode as King Sigismund
Michael Caine as Lord Boresh
Ben Foster as Jan Zizka
William Moseley as Jaroslav
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AfricanBro 7 / 10

Jan "One-eyed" Zizka

I didn't have much expectation heading into this, I just generally love watching medieval films and series purely for the gore; I think watching people wage war with spears, battle axes, maces and swords is much more thrilling than gun fights, still love them though.

Straight from the start it reminded me of History's Vikings tv series, if you're a fan of that you might love this as well. I didn't know it's a true story. There wasn't as much character development but I think they didn't have time for that, it focuses more on the story and that was enough to get you invested in the characters by the end. The acting was splendid by the whole cast. A little sad because I have a feeling the movie won't get the recognition it deserves. I think it's better than The Northman in the sense it's paced better and has more story in my opinion, cinematography might not be as great but still pretty good. The fights were amazing and bloody but I thought some gory scenes weren't shown to us, we just get to see the aftermath especially in the first half. There was a lot at stake and I love how you never really know who's gonna make it especially in the third act.

In the end I love it and remembering these are true events really made the emotional end to it even more heartfelt. Fun watch on the big screens if you're a fan of watching medieval knights bang steel slice through skulls like piñatas. Movies based in the dark era aren't always to everyone's taste but I hope this doesn't go under the radar and people get to enjoy it.

Reviewed by stephenmsaunders 8 / 10

Lives up to its name

The most Impressive thing about Medieval is the way the producers and director have committed to trying to re-create the world where the story is set in the most realistic way that they can. Everyone is filthy, the violence is disturbing, and all of the little details that you look for in a film set during this period are there.

It's a pleasure obviously to see Ben Foster and Michael Caine on the same screen, though it would've been great to have them interact more. But they, and the rest of the cast, are first class.

Someone has had a lot of fun with casting of the minor characters also, who are not there for their looks, let us just say!

There are a lot of fights, but two of the battle scenes just stand out as being fantastically well done and gripping. Bravura directing.

If you're not as interested in medieval history as I am this might not float your boat as much as it did me But you will certainly not regret seeing this fantastic and very non-Hollywood movie.

Reviewed by ferguson-6 7 / 10

tremendous battle scenes

Greetings again from the darkness. There are some actors I follow simply because I admire their work. Ben Foster earned that loyalty with his performances in such films as LEAVE NO TRACE (2018), HELL OR HIGH WATER (2016), and 3:10 TO YUMA (2007). Here he is cast as Jan Zizka, the legendary 15th century Czech icon whom historians have pegged as having never lost a battle. At the helm is Czech writer-director Petr Jakl whose previous films did not come close to this scale. The list of credited screenwriters includes director Jakl, his father Petr Jakl Sr, Marek Dobes, Michal Petrus, Kevin Bernhardt, and Petr Bok. I don't pretend to know which of these writers had the greatest impact, but what I can report is that the film looks great and includes some of the best battle scenes you'll find in any film set in the Middle Ages.

"Tyranny." The narrator opens the film with that word, followed by an explanation of the ongoing battle for the power and control of the Catholic Church. That narrator is Lord Boresh, played by 2-time Oscar winner Michael Caine, who has paid Jan Zizka and his band of rebels to protect him from assassination attempts. Director Jakl doesn't make us wait long for the first skirmish, and it gives us a taste of what's to come. These are no-holds-barred battles where bones and faces are crushed, and horses toppled into rivers. This is Italy 1402.

After the battle, Zizka heads to Prague to reunite with his brother, and while he's there, the political maneuvering and power-brokering is occurring. Those involved include Lord Boresh, the King of Bohemia (Karel Roden, ROCKNROLLA, 2008), his half-brother, the King of Hungary (Matthew Goode, THE IMITATION GAME, 2014), and nobleman Rosenberg (Til Schweiger, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, 2009). When Rosenberg refuses to cooperate, a plan is hatched to kidnap his fiancé Katherine (Sophie Lowe, so good in BLOW THE MAN DOWN, 2019), who also happens to be the niece of the King of France. It may seem challenging to keep the political alliances straight, but fear not, double-crossing and backstabbing adds to the fun.

Katherine is in fact kidnapped. And then kidnapped from the kidnappers. And then rescued ... well, you get the idea. It seems her own allegiance transitions as she discovers the true character of her fiancé. Plus, it seems she walks at least 42 miles during all of this. What really makes this one worth watching are the battle scenes, including a face-off between Zizka and his mentor, the intimidating Torak (Roland Moller, ATOMIC BLONDE, 2017). The fights are bloody and gruesome and violent. The brutality is as realistic as you could want, while cinematographer Jesper Toffner captures these scenes in the most visceral manner possible ... we are not let off the hook from the damage caused by swords, axes, maces, and mauls.

Director Jakl highlights Zizka as a military strategist and tactician, and not just a brute. It's this part of the personality that best fits Foster's talent. It's difficult to know how much of this true story is accurate and how much is legend (always print the legend!), but the push for religious and political power and control seems a common topic regardless of century.

Opening in theaters on September 9, 2022.

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Brakakus profile
Brakakus October 10, 2022 at 11:25 pm

Flortixz wuz imbecile, am twerbly gorp lokid

voiceofrevolt profile
voiceofrevolt October 10, 2022 at 10:29 pm

Jan was an Hussite and as such was an heretic.

Gh0st86 profile
Gh0st86 October 10, 2022 at 10:10 pm

Sir Michael Caine, The Immortal