Crucifixion Quake



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October 11, 2022 at 06:57 AM


Marco Bazzi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonyinnebraska 3 / 10

10% science 90% emotional drama

This film is damn weird. The main character of the documentary is a geologist that has deep emotional problems. He wants to prove that there was an earthquake at the hour Jesus was crucified. That's fine and a worthy pursuit. But most of the film involves this geologist talking about his emotional issues with metaphysical commentary thrown in by a few others. It's a shame could have been a great documentary.

Reviewed by zmos99 10 / 10

An excellent scientific review, not without submit steps

An excellent scientific review, not without some missteps. This documentary does a good job reviewing the geologic evidence, and other scientific reasoning to support a specific date for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Though not perfect, it makes an impressive case.

Unfortunately, in the interest of padding things, the show introduces an older lady who waxes poetic about things like archetypes, purpose, and synchronicity. Blah blah blah, pretty boring, but necessary to stretch this out to an hour and a half. Also disappointing is the nerdy atheistic "scholar" of the New Testament who continues to tell us why the gospels are unreliable without without presenting evidence for his claims.

The main protagonist in this documentary is a geologist whose mission in life is to find enough evidence to support a certain date for the crucifixion. When he and the other scientists are explaining what they do and what they have found, this show is definitely at its best. Unfortunately even he spends too much time sharing his feelings, philosophies, and other extraneous information not related to the task at hand. But if you can muddle through all that and focus on the scientific evidence, it's pretty breathtaking, and definitely fascinating.

Despite the annoying commentators, it's definitely worth watching for the scientific content. I strongly recommend.

Reviewed by john_9a 8 / 10

Detailed and scientific analysis of physical events relative to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

I randomly began watching this video. I generally don't watch the 'proof' type films. But as a 'background' movie to play while engaged in other work, I let it run. I starts slowly and somewhat odd with a focus on an apparently angry individual who is hurt by his rejection by scientist peers. As the film progresses it continuosly and progressively presents a wealth of valid information. I was very surprised at the validity and the strong case for the data presented. This was a suprise. I would recommend this video as a relevent historical study of the events in that period. Well done, engaging and featuring credible people.

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