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When a car accident lands her husband, Kaushik, in the hospital, Kaberi's life takes a dramatic turn -- in more ways than one. Anguish over Kaushik's dire condition gives way to anger when Kaberi learns he was having an affair with his co-worker. Torn between sympathy for her bedridden husband and the sting of his betrayal, Kaberi weighs her options.

June 21, 2023 at 11:11 PM


Rituparno Ghosh

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwslink 9 / 10

A brilliant film in black and white.

Dosar is one of my favourite Bengali film.All credits to the director for the way he has made the film.It is one of the many hits from Planman Motion pictures and simply amazing.I would say I have seen many movies but none impressed me to the extent this film has. The plot is brilliant and the way it has been executed is superb.Added to all this the brilliant performance by the lead actors Prosenjit and Konkona Sen,also my favourite stars.It is in the second half that both really were amazing when Prosenjit,who cheated on his wife Konkona had to regain her trust.The best thing and something that made it more superb is that the film was not in color but in black and white.To release a black and white film in 2006 with such a plot and that too so brilliantly could have been done only by Rituparno Ghosh.

Reviewed by abhijit1507 8 / 10

a good thing, all over again. in b&w

dosar released today in calcutta. the film stands out for several reasons. one, its in black and white. director rituporno ghosh (of fame such as Unishe April, Dahan) went to great lengths to procure scarcely available b&w film and then work on post production. apart from some jumps in skin tone and lighting the experiment is largely successful.

as far as the content goes there is much to look forward to. its a story by shirshendu mukhopadhyaya, acting by the brilliant konkana sen (a much more creditable actress than her mother, the legendary aparna sen), the background score, the poetry...

...but (yes there is one) this is just another rituporno film. anybody who hasn't seen his other films will be delighted at his treatment, his sensitivity, his ability to talk about relationships in a manner that marks a genius...yet for bengali viewers who have been seeing his work for sometime now, it is "abaar rituporno" (again rituporno)...

future times might declare dosar as his best or as a landmark film, for it has all the ingredients.

there are two clear winners here. one is of course bengali cinema. the dirty tag of tollywood has plagued it for several years (and the fight is far from ended) but the crowds in the theatre suggest that good bengali cinema has a chance of rescuing itself from the morass it currently it is in.

the other is konkana sen. arguably her best performance to date, she stands at par with any legendary actress in Indian cinema with dosar.

one last comment about the film. this is the first time a bengali commercial film, in recent times, has been this explicit in depicting sexual bonding. clumsily done, but maybe thats intended.

Reviewed by debi_chat 7 / 10

Smart Movie !

Remember the song "Perhaps Love"? it went something like.."some say love is everything/ some say they don't know.." would be forced to encounter this dilemma over and over while watching this movie.

incredibly enough, the plot is a love-quadrangle ! one wonders if there is anything left in this genre that the oxygen channel has played to its death...but rituparno does a tremendous job of redefining adultery and its legacy on a marriage.

what I liked most about the movie is the extent to which the characters were real. This is a movie where the characters speak like I speak, falter like I falter...even their mobile ringtones, their accessories...everything reeks of contemporary-ness (i made that word up)...urban, educated, working class...captured perfectly on the canvas and then rituparno has proceeded to paint the story of love, lust, trust, security, duty, responsibility, morality and so on...

watch it if you are a bong (and you know who you are), watch it if you are not one...

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