William Tecumseh Sherman: Beyond the March to the Sea



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October 12, 2022 at 08:22 PM


Jonathan Chase Cook

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deerwalkby 10 / 10

An Essential Man

Excellent, fact based biography of Sherman's life and especially his role in the Civil War. Whatever job he undertook he did to the best of his abilities from honorably closing failed banks, to rescuing shipwrecked people, to heading a college, and to successfully prosecuting war. As a soldier he was more humane than many, but still never lost sight of the goal of winning. He probably could have been the U S president but refused to be involved with a campaign. He was a good and loving father and husband and well thought of by many.

Reviewed by claytonchurch1 10 / 10

Lots of facts, clearly presented.

I really enjoyed this documentary. I watch a lot of historical documentaries, and this one is exceptionally well done. It walks you through Sherman's whole life in chronological order, and combines the events of his life with notes from his letters and diaries. Lots of excellent illustrations and photographs that make it come alive. From this documentary I learned that Sherman had a much more varied and interesting life than I ever would've thought. As the title implies, most of us just now about his March to the Sea. This covers all the other things he did.

Reviewed by DKosty123 7 / 10

Straight Documentary, Sherman History

This does go beyond the march to the sea. But first it goes over Shermans entire life prior to that. It has photos and music to keep the viewer going. It is done in a long verbal thing with no action, just photos.

There is material here about the relation to the gold rush, and to the Indian wars that sherman was involved in during his life. It metions his losses of 2 sons. There's lots more details too. What is interesting is because of Sherman's march to the sea to defeat the Confederates, the hero status over rides the part of the eradication of native americans that Sherman was involved in. So while we ignore that, we are not taking down his statues in the same way we are taking down other Southern peoples, statues.

Sherman's stance on Slavery is highlighted here, and even that while he lived in Louisana prior to the war is controversial. He only felt that slave owners should improve the slaves living conditions before the war. It is his brother who convinces him about abolition, and takes him to meet Lincoln for the first time.

There's a lot more to Sherman and this documentary very well covers all of it. Worth a look for the history content.

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neversurrender profile
neversurrender October 12, 2022 at 08:36 pm

this is so pathetic 2 hours long narrated by soulless voice the actions of a butcher who cutting supplies in atlanta they were forced to surrender. When you cutting supplies lines of a city everyone suffers especially children,women ,old and sick people, that's how this scremet achieves his victory...well it's no hero of mine.