The Possessed



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October 14, 2022 at 06:12 PM


Chris Sun

Top cast

Sean Lynch as Martin
John Jarratt as Jacob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ralmcg 7 / 10

A decent supernatural thriller

Based on a true life story, it tells of how an "accidental exorcist" battles the evil supernatural forces around us, and helping to "cleanse" those who become possessed by these entities.

The effects both practical and CG, are effective and very well done, but I thought the film could've had added more atmosphere, dread and intensity with a more potent film score, combined with better character writing and story elements. But, overall a decent genre film. 7/10.

Reviewed by PukaEntProds 8 / 10

Fine Aussie Horror Entry

While most might think exclusively of "Wolf Creek" when they think of Australian horror films, Chris Sun has done a great job of ramping up his efforts within the genre. His latest, "The Possessed", is clearly the next chapter in that evolution.

Starring "Wolf Creek"'s John Jarratt and Lincoln Lewis, the movie follows accidental exorcist Jacob as he rids Australia of some pretty nasty demonic possessions. After going through a few harrowing "clearings", the film has its climax in a spooky house where the previous owners may have performed some rituals to summon a very powerful demon. I won't spoil the ending but it's quite a surprising take indeed.

Jarratt and Lewis carry the film pretty well. I found Jarratt's affectations a bit odd at first, but when you see the person this story is based on (Mark Gardener; they show clips of his real life clearings during credits) it's pretty spot on. Lewis plays the straight man roped into this strange work by his uncle, and while he doesn't have a LOT of room to spread his wings, his performance is even and gives Jarratt a good foil to work from. The other actors were strong as well, though the character of Orion (Jade Kevin Foster), who serves as very capable comedic relief, did feel overused in the climax, drawing away from what would have otherwise been a terrifying sequence.

A lot of the film's strength comes from the demons and their design. They are differing, terrifying, and grotesque in equal parts. While they are largely glimpsed or shown in shadow, their appearances are startling and stomach churning. On top of that, the FX makeup for those suffering possession is very well done too.

All of that would be for not if the film wasn't shot as well as it was. Andrew Conders work is excellent. The framing and exposition, especially during the possession sequences, enhanced the moments. It felt clean, colourful and easy on the eyes, despite the content.

For a modestly budgeted horror flick, this one is pretty fun to watch and, while not perfection, has a lot going for it.

Reviewed by kirstydallasauthor 10 / 10

Great Aussie horror

An engaging story about a real life accidental exorcist, The Possessed features a great Aussie cast with phenomenal practical FX and CGI.

Well timed comedic moments help break the terrifying "cleansings" as Chris Sun takes us on a wild demonic journey.

A great Australian contribution to the horror genre. Can't wait for more.

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