Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor


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October 14, 2022 at 09:58 PM


Ken Rodgers

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J-Jeffrey-Foster 10 / 10

Bravo! Common Men Uncommon Valor. The title is the best summary possible. This is an incredible documentary.

Bravo! Common Men Uncommon Valor. The tile is the best summary possible. This is an incredible documentary.

The movie is factual, excellent story telling. It uniquely weaves personal stories of Marines in Bravo Company with actual footage of action on the ground and in the air during the siege. Everyone should see this movie.

A friend of mine who encouraged me to purchase the DVD and watch the movie is a Marine. He wrote the following.

"I have seen this movie twice (Bravo! Common Men Uncommon Valor) and it was very moving. I shook (Ken's) hand and told him thanks. As a fellow Marine, I am proud to have met Ken."

Reviewed by xXtheoversoulXx 9 / 10

Thank You

Thank you to the producers and financial backers of this documentary, so that the deeds of Bravo Company, 1/26, during the Siege of Khe Sanh in 1968 can be enshrined forever in the history of America. I am reading now that some of those interviewed have passed on, but their story, in their own words, is now on record for all time. "Thank God that such men lived." The documentary is available now on Amazon Prime, and I hope that many Americans get a chance to watch it.

Reviewed by skippernichols 9 / 10

These Words Matter

The Marines of Bravo 1-26 provide horrific insight into the physical and psychological impact of war through their words and actions. The bravery of those who gave their lives and those who returned home is unquestionable. Their courage and their admission of fear was a brutal honesty that most of us never experience, much less understand. I identified with these Marines because I was located with a unit just east of Khe Sanh during the same time frame. This documentary rekindled my pride of serving our nation in the Marine Corps.

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