Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 3.6 10 2992

Plot summary

October 15, 2022 at 01:50 AM


Fred Andrews

Top cast

Mehcad Brooks as Niles
Serinda Swan as Emily
Daniel Bernhardt as Lockjaw / Grimley
Amanda Fuller as Beth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Someguysomwhere 5 / 10

Look in the swamp! It's a Gator! No, it's a Gorilla! No, it's a football player! No, it's Gatorman!

Another movie about backwoods freaks preying on unsuspecting young travelers usually visiting, passing thru, or detained. In this movie they are traveling thru Loisiana to the city of New Orleans. And the backwoods freaks this time are a bunch of people who've made a pact with a "Gatorman"; part man, part alligator. This pact is steeped in religion and appears cultish. They give Gatorman what he wants and he gives them what they need. What he wants is tender, sweet, female flesh for dinner and sex. In return, he gives his worshipers what they need. Perpetuation; continuity. The cult are bred or born from incestuous sex; the women of which are sacrificed regularly to Gatorman (I'm only the messenger, folks).

Legend has it that circa 19th century, the Boteen (spell check) family, who lived reclusively deep in the swamps, were concerned about their lineage because their family tree was thinning out due to sterility. You know the saying: "Desperate situations call for desperate measures"? --Well it was up to 2 Boteens, Caroline and Grimley, who were brother and sister to save the Boteens from extinction. On the eve of their wedding, while they were frolicking on the swamps filled with love and anticipation of their union, a white gator rose up from the swamps and took Caroline. Grimley goes after her, finds the animals larder, but she's already dead. He kills the gator, but is overcome by grief and goes mad. He begins to consume the gators store of human remains (including sister Caroline) and "Gatorman" --who looks like a cross between a linebacker, a gorilla, and a reptile-- is born.

After seeing an old flier made for tourists daring them to go to Grimeley's old home in the swamps and directions to get there from a storekeeper, six young people, 3 guys and 3 girls, decide to make a side trip from their journey to visit the old house of legend (I think we agree, reader, that this can't be good). This movie is not a bad entry into the "Backwoods Freaks" genre. But instead of some psycho with a love for sharp things and torture after you, this time it's a Gatorman aided by a religious inbred cult. I would say that action and story-wise, it's fair. I did have a little problem with the way the lead in this movie took a bullet and didn't even limp after. As well, he got a pummeling from Gatorman that should have (in my opinion) broken every bone in his body. Bit of credibility lost there, I think. Still, if you understand that these type of movies are what they are; that they can often be a bit amateurish (some of the writing and directing here; the acting was okay) and a bit exploitive (some nudity with the violence in this one) and that they are designed strictly for entertainment and revenue, then most likely you would accept this entry into the Backwoods Freak genre as a fair one. Love, Boloxxxi.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Enjoyable monster horror outing

Six friends run afoul of a vicious predatory reptilian humanoid monster known as Lockjaw (muscular Daniel Bernhardt in a funky and convincing rubber costume) in a backwoods Louisiana swamp hamlet. Director Fred M. Andrews, who also co-wrote the fun and fairly clever script with Tracy Moore, relates the entertaining story at a steady pace, offers a flavorsome evocation of the marshy rural setting, delivers a handy helping of grisly gore and a pleasing smattering of tasty gratuitous female nudity (which includes an opening scene with a sexy skinny-dipper who shows the whole package), develops a good deal of tension, and tosses in a few neat surprise plot twists for good measure. Moreover, Andrews deserves extra kudos for not only using a guy in a cool suit beast instead of resorting to hokey CGI effects, but also for taking time to establish the six main young adult protagonists as genuinely engaging characters that the viewer actually cares about and coming up with an interesting and intricate mythology for the titular ferocious being. The sound acting by the able cast rates as another definite asset: Mehcad Brooks as the amiable and rugged Niles, the gorgeous Serinda Swan as the sweet Emily, Dillon Casey as likable goofball Oscar, Lauren Schneider as sassy redhead spitfire Karen, Aaron Hill as the hot-headed Randy, Amanda Puller as the perky Beth, Wayne Pere as scruffy hick Bud, and David Jensen as surly redneck Jimmy. Cult favorite Sid Haig contributes a zesty turn as evil, but easygoing storekeeper Chopper while Pruit Taylor Vince has an amusing minor part as antsy oddball local yokel Grover. Christopher Faloona's sharp cinematography gives the picture an impressive polished look. Kevin Heskins' shuddery score does the rousing spine-chilling trick. A nifty little straightforward and unpretentious Grade B creature feature.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10


The movie is called "Creature", you should know what you are getting yourself into. If not, the first few minutes will quickly let you know (and I'm not talking about the nudity, but the other "thing"). Of course having Serinda Swan in it, elevates the whole movie as does the appearance by Sid Haig.

The effects may not be the best and you will know where all this leads (be it through the relationships between the characters or otherwise/cliché). But it doesn't entirely take all the fun out of it. I actually did enjoy myself a few times. And that is what the movie tries to achieve. It's not a masterpiece nor will it get anywhere near a Horror Hall of fame or anything like that. But you can have fun with it, if you let yourself

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