Splitting Image



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October 15, 2022 at 04:30 AM


Nick Everhart

Top cast

Cheyenne Jackson as Marcus
Anna Hutchison as Emma
Blanche Baker as Karen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

a bit unusual for Lifetime

This film, Splitting Image, also known as I Married a Murderer, was a departure from the normal Lifetime fare I've seen. It's really a horror movie. It stars real twin brothers, Aaron and Austin Arnold, which is interesting.

When you first start watching it, it's the usual slow Lifetime thing and a typical story, about a bad twin and a good twin.

But as someone said, give this movie a chance because it does turn into sort of a horror movie, and we are left with some mysteries. This means revealing spoilers:

Why was Emma smiling when she looked down the staircase and onto the floor? And what the heck was she so happy about at the end of the movie? I mean, let's face it, either way we're talking bad seed here. Then I started to think about it, and I wondered if maybe she didn't care, she had been after something else all along.

Two big questions: was Emma pregnant at the beginning of the movie or not? Did she sleep with Frank? I was only able to get the last hour on tape - I was interrupted a couple of times during the first hour, so I couldn't tell if she was pregnant or just denying it for some reason. She seemed in a pretty big rush to walk down the aisle.

The point is, I might be seeing more than there was. Also, it was badly directed, obviously, and unclear.

But Intriguing.

Reviewed by phd_travel 1 / 10

Creepy in the wrong way

This isn't one of the better Lifetime thrillers. There have been better twin movies.

The twins are played by real life twins who both look a bit creepy so there isn't the necessary good and bad twin distinction that would make this mo ie work. The story is weak and the acting is amateurish.

The grand finale is horrible and messy.

Don't bother.

Reviewed by adamfieldsasst 10 / 10


This was great. Really weird, but I loved it. Same director as The Wrong Son, which premiered earlier this summer. This one is weirder than that, but it's really good and full of shocking moments. Check it out!

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