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Set in 1970s Rome, the fiction tracks the plight of a nuclear family, consisting of an unhappy married couple: Clara (a deeply dissatisfied expatriate Spaniard) and Felice (an abusive businessman cheating on Clara with his secretary) and their children Adriana, Gino, and Diana. Their eldest child, 12-year-old Adriana, experiences gender dysphoria; he rejects girlhood and instead goes by the name of Andrea (a primarily masculine name in Italian). Andrea develops a crush for Sara, a Roma girl who knows him as a boy. Upon a shared sense of being outsiders, Andrea and Clara grow closer.

September 09, 2023 at 03:23 AM


Emanuele Crialese

Top cast

Penélope Cruz as Clara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brentsbulletinboard 6 / 10

A Series of Moments That Don't Hold Together Well

How frustrating it can be when you watch a movie that has a lot of tremendous moments but doesn't hang together well as a complete whole. Such is the case with this latest offering from writer-director Emanuele Crialese, which tells the story of a family in the midst of multiple domestic crises. Set in Rome in the 1970s, the picture follows the life of Clara (Penélope Cruz), the depressed wife and mother of three who's married to an abusive, philandering, often-disconnected husband (Vincenzo Amato), and her attempts to cope with her circumstances. Clara loves her children dearly, but the young ones all have challenges of their own, especially her eldest, Adriana (Luana Giuliani), a teen who's struggling with gender identity issues. Clara and Adriana seek various forms of escape, as depicted in several fantasy sequences and regular forms of play (all captured with a terrific sense of humor), but are those diversions enough to take away their heartache? The film also seeks to address a number of Italian cultural matters, such as the privileged role of men and the expected subservient place of women, dynamics that unfold in the principal narrative as well as in ancillary story threads. Sadly, while these are all noteworthy elements of the story, there's a little too much going on for the picture to hold everything together cohesively, especially when crammed into is relatively brief 1:37:00 runtime. Also, a number of the story's aspects are presented a little too vaguely for my taste, leaving them open more to ambiguous, unfocused interpretation than bona fide nuance. To its credit, however, when the sequences work, they do so quite effectively, in large part thanks to the fine performances of Giuliani and, particularly, Cruz, whose ravishing elegance recalls a young Sophia Loren. It's unfortunate that this offering isn't better fleshed out; it could have stood to either have some elements cut out completely or to expand and elaborate on the overall narrative. As it stands now, however, this release feels choppy, underdeveloped and incomplete, despite the strength of those aforementioned moments. Those are the sequences that make this offering work; it's just a shame that there weren't more of them and that they were better tied together.

Reviewed by beatrice_gangi 5 / 10

I didn't get it

L'immensità is a strange film. It certainly has no obvious problems and is technically well made. Penelope Cruz is a joy in every scene, and it is nice that she has committed to acting in Italian.

It is not clear what direction the film would like to take, however; different concepts and situations seem inconsistent and unconnected, and for a character-driven film they are all superficially portrayed. It is not clear what the characters think and why they do what they do. It is then not clear what the film wants to tell us.

The child actors are not professionals and it is very visible, especially for the one with the lead role. I recognise that it was a complex part but the character comes across as almost apathetic.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really find the "why" for this film to be, but it could certainly be very much appreciated by someone with a sensitivity closer to what it wants to tell us.

Reviewed by AvionPrince16 6 / 10

The love of a mother

I really enjoyed the movie. It have a pretty slow pace but give some interesting things go think and we litteraly see how this mother take care of her childrens and and her own problems ( violent Husband, sex that she doesnt want). I mean everyone with a family can relate to them and all their problems of the child: the girl who act like a man, the little girl who seem pretty disconnected. We have also some more intimate moments ( when the mother become the actress in the TV and sing with her child or sing alone). Its a pretty simple subject: a love of a mother. But we will see different problems inside the family and a mother who will fight for her children. A nice topic with some nice moments: the emotions are still there and i enjoyed the movie and to know this Italian movie in the 70's. Its pretty hard to see some scene: like at the beginning when the boy is hiding under the bed and witnessed that her mother get raped because she doesnt consent to have it. And that s pretty hard to see even more trough that young boy. There are also some moments pretty enjoyable and funny. I spend a good time watching this anyway. Simple but effective.

Even if the movie have scenes that feel independant from each other like the director didnt know really what direction the movie need to take. A love of a mother? Ok but when she gets sick and she is in hospital what is the subject then? Sometimes i get off the movie because some scenes are connected but feel not logical or a real sense or just dont have anything interesting to tell or an implcit message for us. But nothing like that. Its a movie who have the love of a woman for her childrens. Nothing more and nothing less.

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