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Plot summary

A group of social media experts are hired to help an old family business to strive. But they soon find themselves stuck on a tiny island in a lake in which an ancient Swedish witch is said to live.

October 10, 2023 at 03:32 PM


Johannes Persson

Top cast

Sofia Kappel as Josefin
Joel Lützow as Jens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by corpceo 1 / 10

Sad movie about random influencers

Was litterally a sad experience about some Swedish influencers getting scared and the manus was so random i wanted to cry, seems the movie is a Lundell ego boost rather then people actually wanting to watch it. 1 / 10.

A Swedish horror movie is just bad from the start but this brought it to a new level of bad seems like a big mish mash of scream wannabie and some takes from movie like scary movie but again in a package that doesent messure up at all to what you could expect from a horror moive 2022.

I hope that someday we actually can watch some good movies again from Sweden rather then some again ego boosting stuff from people that have no clue making therm.

Reviewed by jylialarsson 7 / 10

Swedish horror movie as its best

I liked the content and the plot. Were a few jump scares but the adrenalin wasn't through the roof like I want it to be on a horror movie. For the low budget you seem to have squished every penny which is a good thing. Love the plot twist, wouldn't see that coming at all. The actors were amazing. I love Joel Lützow since before but all of them were great. So all in all , I give the movie a 7 which is because I think it miss a few details. I want to be scared when I walk out of the movie theater which I wasn't. But I look forward so bad to see what you come up with next. And for the producer, such a good work. I praise you.

Reviewed by sqvjxnyq 4 / 10

Underwhelming and too much

The concept and storyline in the movie was alright, the acting as well. I also found the balance between jump-scares and overall creepiness good. But after 80% of the movie, the plot took such an awful turn and everything until that point was also suddenly destroyed by this. It got too much and I felt like the creator wanted to cram in every single idea in the last ten minutes, even though it would have been so much better and more creepy if he'd just end beforehand. The characters where also quite stereotypical and there was not a single character development. The dialogue was also boring.

At the other hand, for Joakim Lundell, I think this is a great accomplishment. Even though I'm not too familiar with him, I almost feel proud. And you also have to keep in mind that this was a debut from someone who haven't done film before.

But I still hated this movie and I wouldn't recommend it.

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