Girls Without Tomorrow

1992 [CN]


IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 85 85

Plot summary

"Girls Without a Future" - About five escort girls in misery. Hung is getting to old for the job. Her daughter Ling follow in her footsteps. Wah is Hung's foster daughter. A hot tempered dancer at a night club. Eva is the glamorous top model escort.

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David Lam

Top cast

Carina Lau as Wa
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Reviewed by ebiros2 1 / 10

Another all star prostitute movie

Five of the most beautiful Hong Kong actress stars in this story about prostitution, and love between a mother and a daughter. The movie is okay, but there's something creepy about this movie and I can never watch it all the way through (that's why the poor rating). Can a movie be jinxed ? You can try for yourself and watch this movie. I usually like movies that features these stars, but this one I can't handle. Can a real life grudge of Hong Kong prostitute be shadowing this movie (move over Sarah Michelle Geller) ? Asides from that, this is a third of Hong Kong movie which has similar story line about few young prostitutes. The two others (Prostitutes 1988, and Prostitutes 1992) are good movies with relatively complex story lines. Watch those instead if you like this plot.

Reviewed by YTSL 10 / 10

Not "Pretty Woman", and all the better for it

This is a gritty melodrama (albeit with bits of comedy thrown in) about five women, all involved or associated in some way or other with the prostitution trade. An excellent film that pulls no punches and portrays the women without glamour yet with respect.

Carina Lau Kar Ling, Fung Bo-Bo and the other leads do a fine job of making the characters entirely believable. The directing and editing are also well done. This is the kind of film that deserves greater exposure and might make Hong Kong movie fans of people who are not into action stuff but appreciate good acting, stories and three-dimensional female characters.

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