11M: Terror in Madrid

2022 [SPANISH]

Action / Documentary

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 1917

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April 04, 2022 at 08:26 PM


Jose Gomez

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sntaxzvj 1 / 10

Documental manipulado

En este documental solo se cuenta la historia vista desde el PSOE y todos sus grupos afines.

Solo salen periodistas del grupo Prisa, el mismo que alentaba a salir la gente a la calle y contaba mentira en sus informativos.

Si quieres conocer lo que realmente sucedió no recomiendo este documental.

Reviewed by gavilan-86802 9 / 10

Ilustrativo documentaal

Refleja los hechos que sucedieron. Como se cometieron los atentados, como se esclarecieron por la policía y se detuvieron los autores yihadistas.

También reflejas las manipulaciones políticas y mediáticas sobre los atentados, por arte de Casimiro García Abadillo y Pedro J Ramírez para convencer que los atentados los había cometido ETA.

Reviewed by hof-4 7 / 10

The wages of pretension

People who deplore the Irak War usually identity G. W. Bush and Tony Blair as its planners. They often omit José María Aznar, Presidente de Gobierno (prime minister) of Spain at the time. Of course he was a puny yes-man to Bush and Blair but did his best to promote the war and considered a great honor (as he said on TV) to sit between the leaders of "the most perfect democracies on Earth". His ridiculous posturing was popular among many Spaniards; in Madrid, I heard "Now Spain has an international projection!", To their credit, most Spaniards didn't swallow Aznar's antics and there were huge antiwar demonstrations in Madrid and other cities.

The "international projection" lasted until a brutal terrorist attack on Madrid's Atocha station on March 11, 2004 that caused 193 dead and more than 2,000 wounded. Aznar, true to form, blamed the outrage on the Basque terrorist organization ETA, although there was not a shred of evidence and ETA denied any involvement. Then Aznar switched to an alternative theory; the attack was a conspiracy to cause him to lose the general election held 3 days later. These infamies were parroted by the mainstream press, which actually established a new principle, holding strong today: the role of the press is to ape mechanically for the public what the Government lets them know. No analysis, no criticism. No checking of sources. Finally the crime was attributed to an Al-Qaeda cell, and new facts came to view, such as: Aznar had requested help of the CIA to disable ETA ,without realizing that there could be consequences.

Aznar did lose the elections but, incredibly, was never confronted with his crimes. As to the material perpetrators, the Spanish police "located" them and there was a police operation in which all were killed. Dead men tell no tales. Case closed

I liked this documentary. Part of it centers on the victims and their relatives. The rest focuses on Aznar's despicable behavior.and that of his accomplices, thoroughly documented from news clips and newspaper articles. As to who was the real perpetrator, we will probably never know.

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