Party Dream



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PARTY DREAM is the story of Gil Mantera's Party Dream - the craziest live band you've never seen.

October 21, 2023 at 12:14 AM


Aaron Hagele

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidhagele 9 / 10

Great Music Documentary

A very entertaining music documentary about 2 brothers from Youngstown, OH who managed to both compose some great music & be creatively unique on stage.

Smartly produced & directed, this shows a story of a band who had a cult following & did things on stage that you didn't think was possible. The producers did a great job of both telling you a story in which you don't get lost along the way AND inserting some solid interviews as well. You can certainly tell that "Party Dream" had heaps of footage of these characters in which they could've shown you more than just 75 minutes worth.

Overall, I'd recommend watching this as it's a great combo of good interviews, good music & a very good story. You'll walk away thinking, how did I miss out on these guys when they were touring???!?

Reviewed by info-22491 10 / 10

This Indie Rock Doc is the rare must-see

I saw the documentary "Party Dream" at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival and I swear to you it was more than just a great, fun, and inspiring movie. I loved it so much I bought it on iTunes as a pre-order. The band featured, "Gil Mantera's Party Dream," is so outrageously entertaining that at first I assumed this was a mockumentary with a band played by actors. But NO. The band is real and the music is great and the team that made this film tell the band's story in an amazingly entertaining and insightful way.

If you love indie rock that gives the finger to the corporate music industry, then this doc will not only entertain you but soon you'll be singing their songs around the house and downloading their music. Is that life changing? Heck yeah. I'm old. You know how often I discover new bands? Never. But in 2022 this doc helped me discover Gil Mantera's Party Dream and I will be forever grateful.

Reviewed by lanceamaticmiccio 9 / 10


You have to see it to believe it . It's as if Joy Divison and Red Hot Chili Peppers met and with a lower budget and a fraction of their talent created a cult following for their band Never the less , Ultimate Donny tells a gritty ,true story of two step brothers who created a massive following in Youngstown Ohio , Pittsburgh and Chicago . Synchronized insanity is the best way for me to describe the band . Their story is told by Ultimate Donny and The Black Keys front man. From Dive bars to the Knitting Factory Gil Mantera's Part Dream is unique , hilarious , sad , gross and ultimately brilliant story about a how you can succeed and not worrying what anyone else thinks , following Kurt Vonneguts's personal philosophy of creating art for yourself and let chips fall where they may .

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