Long Live Love!

2023 [THAI]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1/10 10 592 592

Plot summary

A story about a party-animal Sati, a man whose attitude has left a broken family at home. Meta, his wife, is preparing to leave him. At age 15, his daughter, Namo is already jaded from a lifetime of broken promises.

October 29, 2023 at 02:23 PM


Piyakarn Butprasert

Top cast

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Thai 2.0
24 fps
2 hr 15 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qjtwcg 10 / 10

fluid acting

The performance of the mother and the father isn't suprising because they are two of the biggest names in thailand. Suprising package was the daughter, she carried well that boyish strong attitude but soft inside. The love she has for the parents especially the dad was superbly displayed. Storyline is not new, but delivered by these amazing actors made the movie worth watching. I am not a thai national, thanks to the subs but I did enjoy the movie. I watched because of the good reviews, and yeah, the movie didn't disappoint me. The director has done a very good job for this masterpiece. Im hoping for worldwide showing of this movie, I want to watch again.

Reviewed by xalihe 10 / 10


All the actors did a great job, they look like a real family and Becky really proved her abilities as an actress in this movie When I watched the movie, I forgot about all the other characters that Becky did previously. I was amazed because there is a big difference between Namo and Becky, and also between Namo and the other characters.

Namo is now one of my favorite characters I hope to see becky in new roles and different characters, she is a girl with multiple talents, and I am sure her future is bright.

I hope the movie will be available on Netflix so that international fans can watch Namo and her family.

Reviewed by ylmerj 10 / 10

Well directed and well acted!

Long Live Love is strongly-acted throughout. I personally love the character of the daughter NAMO. She is simply beautiful work highlighted by Becky's distinct acting. She succeeded on the strength of her acting alone. As someone new in the film industry, she exceeded expectations. It's well done, authentic and natural. While the older actors' calibre in drama and comedy are superstar par excellence. The acting ensemble is top shelf! I also love how it deviates from the usual stories with happy ending. It's what's happening in real life and I'm sure everyone can relate to the story and to each characters.

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