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A documentary about nuclear fallout in the United States, specifically members of the Shoshone Nation whose sacred land continues to be cordoned off as a nuclear test site.

November 06, 2023 at 04:53 PM


Douglas Brian Miller

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Reviewed by gmanswire 8 / 10

'The Doc' to watch after Oppenheimer

This insightful documentary claims that although the US nuclear testing program began in earnest during the 1950s, subsequent governments knew what they were secretly doing in Mercury, Nevada was dangerous all along. The most alarming part of the story is that a total of eight presidential administrations from 1951 to 1992 knowingly lied, assuring citizens living across four states (Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California) they would be kept safe. For bringing this subject into clear view, this film is an essential testament... a cautionary tale about how a government can fail to protect its own people.

Reviewed by sndybeech 8 / 10

compelling documentary

The film introduces us to some fascinating characters who've been pushed into activism by circumstances, i.e. The shameful and secret atomic bomb testing in Nevada, over 900 tests!!! The people who lived in the are and downwind were not warned nor taken care of. The tests poisoned the water, air and the people living there. The suffering of these people is terrible and the compensation minimal.

The interviews are informative and moving. The interviewers obviously developed excellent rapport with them to receive such heartfelt and honest testimony. The vintage film clips and stills are quite wonderful too. There is a lot of information but the best part is the people and their stories.

It's a story all Americans should see.

Reviewed by james_fisk-46418 4 / 10

Could have been made a lot better - lacks focus

I heard about this doc because I follow Matthew Modine on Social media. Apparently he is a Social Media "influencer" for this feature documentary that attempts to look at the fallout from more than 900 bomb tests conducted in Nevada.

People that are 'downwind' from the tests are potentially affected by the radiation from these tests and nuclear testing is bad are sort of the main points this doc tries to make which I could have just said myself without watching this 90 plus minutes of fairly bland long winded interviews that fail to make any convincing arguments or new insights. No real scientific evidence either, just a bunch of people complaining and drawing inferences.

The doc seems to lack a proper direction and the writing or I guess the editing is just half baked - I am not sure how doc writing works, maybe it is more the editing .

It appears that the filmmakers think they could ride on the importance of Nuclear Testing in a post "Oppenheimer" world and ride on the influence of some old celebs in the film who are vaguely connected to Nuclear tests.

The music is pretty cool and it makes you feel like you are watching something real, perhaps temporarily distracting you from the lack of focus in this 90 plus minute.

I liked some of the shots too and the old archives are always nice to watch but in the end this seems half baked and lacking in direction, vision or any real argument.

Go watch "The Day After Trinity" or the PBS Downwind doc which do a better job if this topic interests you.

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