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When a raiding party from the city of Atlantis kidnaps a man and his two daughters for slavery, he contrives to bring about the destruction of the ruling class utilizing the powers of the mysterious crystal child.

November 22, 2023 at 06:18 AM


Michael J. Murphy

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alistairc_2000 10 / 10

A bona fide Micro budget classic for the ages.

I admit it, I loved Hawk the Slayer, Ator the Invincible, Ator the fighting Eagle, Sword and Sorceress. Prisoners of the lost Universe. Warlords of Atlantis and At the Earth's core. Wonderful hokum. Shlock of the highest order. Murphy's Atlantis is of a similar fare but done with a small budget. Well compared to most of Mike's movies this looks big budget.

The plot is wonderful. Two people get dragged into Atlantis. The fabled lost city. Their fate is intertwined with the fate of Atlantis. When they get down there they find that the world is ruled by sadists. A queen, a princess, a vicious hench man and bizarrely an alien. As the plot progresses you get to find out about how they all interact. Their stories are fleshed out.

This is a sword and sandals epic made on a small budget. If you think of the two seventies classic movies At the Earth's core and Warlords of Atlantis done cheaply you get the idea. If you go into this movie expecting to see amazing effects Hollywood stars you will come away disappointed. If you want to see a triumph over adversity with a very strong plot but no budget to back it up, this is your movie. It is like 80s Dr Who compared to the revamped series with Chris Eccleson. This movie does feel like it could have Troughton or Pertwee in it helping to save the citizens of Atlantis.

I have found this great director Mike Murphy. He makes low budget classics. Oddly in the reviews there are two reviews from the same person both saying this movie is trash. It is a trash classic. Plus they give the ending away. Very bizarre way to review a movie.

Reviewed by dahgforrester 8 / 10

Extravagantly bad - as if the script was written by a game of Chinese Telephone.

If you are a B-movie nerd tthis is worth a look for irony and hilarity. It's available on Youtube - it started by autoplaying last night and woke my wife and I up in the middle. It was surreal at first, then hilarious. It's like the script was written by a game of Chinese Telephone. Anyway, It was a profound B-movie experience. I went back this morning to look at it and make sure it actually happened. Not a mediocre movie - its a famously bad B-movie. I think this is the first review I've written but I saw the comments and felt that someone needed to testify to its merits.

Interesting also because it looks almost like it was made in the late 60s/early 70s (to my eye) but was actually released in 1991 and I believe it was not shot on film. The Youtube file name mentions betacam.

Reviewed by junk-monkey 1 / 10

Truly Dreadful

Amazingly dreadful British bash at a sword and sorcery flick with a cast of tens and the budget of an average village Christmas panto. Midbogglingly awful. So much so that - for the first time in ages - I have managed to find a film that, apparently, no one has ever watched before. At least, if anyone has watched it, no one has thought it worthwhile reviewing the thing on IMDb. So I am.

This is, by any standard, a terrible film. technically shoddy in every respect from the set design: wrinkly sheets, plastered and painted (with emulsion by the look of it) standing in for 'rock' and 'cave walls' - to painted cardboard boxes stacked to play the part of 'Stone Walls', and flesh crushing rollers made from carpet roll tubes. The music is endlessly the same three chords on a organ with a drum being beaten seemingly at random. The acting is amateur - with only a few of the cast trying to do anything other than get their words out without messing them up. A truly awful experience. The 'restored' version currently available on Amazon Prime contains 20 seconds where the screen goes blank for no obvious reason.

The one star I did give it is for a weird little coda when (SPOILER) the high priest we have just seen vaporised in the distant past as Atlantis sinks beneath the sea, turns up in modern day London. It's so weirdly out of nowhere and nonsensical that it almost works.

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